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Yeast infection is a fungal infection commonly occurring in women, but may also affect men and newborn babies. The intake of sugar should be avoided, as a high sugar level is one of the main reasons behind yeast infection. Sugar – foods which are rich in sugar such as maple syrup, brown sugar, corn syrup, white sugar, date sugar, maple sugar, molasses, raw sugar, turbinate, demerara, sorghum, and rice syrup should be avoided.
Fruit – fruits which are rich in sugar should be avoided as they encourage the development of yeast infection.

This special yeast infection diet should be carried out in order to support any other treatment being undertaken for yeast infection.
This type of infection is caused by hormonal imbalance in the body and is very common in people who have cancer, HIV, diabetes, those who take antibiotics, smoke a lot, and in women who are pregnant. In a typical yeast infection diet, there is a list of foods to avoid completely, and a list of foods that should be limited in intake.
Yeast infection can be cured by having a specific diet which should be maintained without fail, at least until the symptoms of the yeast infection have cleared up.

Instead, foods that are low in carbohydrates such as beef, chicken, turkey, vegetables, and certain types of nuts can be consumed in order to treat the yeast infection.

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