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Such is the fact of life in an urban fungal jungle.As if having spore-bearing molds and yeasts as our close - too close!
Everyone knows that the single reason that the internet exists is for humans to stare at photos of cats and dogs.
University of Sydney, NSW, researcher Vanessa Barrs tells us the story of this new fungus, Aspergillus felis, the one mold to bind all three hosts together, humans, domestic cats and dogs.Une infection fongique et les pauvres chats - this is the story of a fungal infection, and oh!
In domestic cats and dogs, this mold is known to invade the nasal cavity and sinuses (a condition known as Fungal Rhinosinusitis, FRS), spreading its thread-like projections (known as hyphae) to behind the eye, into the brain.The most commonly known member of this species is known as Aspergillus fumigatus, and its role in causing this disease is well-known and documented.

This is a cause for worry for public health.In this study, the cats infected with Aspergillus felis were seen in Australia and UK.
The researchers studied the genetic makeup of the Aspergillus felis isolates and compared them to other isolates obtained from previous human infections. Using a combination of growth characteristics and unique identifying markers called BenA and CalM, they figured out the genealogy of this mold and implicated it in infections of humans and animals.And that is a part of the slim but definite good news. Even if it is not this particular fungus, it may well be something else, perhaps a bothersome allergic response to something.

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