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I called my lactation consultant and vented about my frustrations with the antibiotics and the thrush that just wouldn’t go away. For more information about thrush and other alternative treatment options, check out Breastfeeding and Thrush: How to Beat the Yeast Beast. Me n my 4 month old baby is fighting with thrush from 3 months after trying nystatin and diflucin now want to try gentian violet but scared as pharmacist told me its for external use only . Thrush is the common name for a mouth infection caused by an overgrowth of the Candida fungus. With proper medical treatment, most simple thrush infections can be cured in about 7 to 14 days.
People with HIV or others who are taking drugs that suppress the immune system may have an even greater risk of thrush.
After successful treatment of thrush, your doctor may switch you from medicines that are suspected of causing significant dry mouth to medicines that are less drying.
In most otherwise healthy patients, a properly treated thrush infection goes away without permanently damaging the skin.
People with suppressed immune systems are more likely to develop infections like oral thrush.
It is very rare for oral thrush infections to cause severe adverse reactions although it is worth mentioning that severe infections that are uncontrolled may possibly place other parts of the body at risk due to spread of infection through the touch or cardiovascular system.

Practicing good oral hygiene and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to prevent oral thrush or yeast infections.
Your dentist will most likely recommend that you use preventive home remedies to help clear up your fungal thrush infection. It is very common for young infants or babies to develop yeast infections or thrush in the mouth.
Infants that develop oral thrush should have all of their pacifiers or bottle nipples sterilized or thrown away. Oral thrush is a yeast infection due to an imbalance of natural flora or bacteria in the mouth. Usually thrush infections look like white film or velvet on the surface of the tongue or roof of the mouth. Use a Disposable Cup – Dilute the small amount of gentian violet that you need for each application in a disposable cup that you can throw away. Have Help – If your newborn is battling thrush, you might not need an extra pair of hands to help.
However, if you get thrush often or it doesn't go away, you may have an undiagnosed medical illness. Call your pediatrician right away whenever any mouth irritation prevents your baby from feeding normally.

Natural, over-the-counter treatments to get rid of oral thrush are typically successful but professional intervention may be needed if the infection is too severe. Using a soft washcloth to wipe the child’s mouth and remove some of the bacteria by improving hygiene can help the infection go away. Other people who get thrush of the mouth may have recently taken antibiotics, be diabetic, have a compromised immune system or smoke. However, people with long-term illnesses or weakened immune systems may have frequent episodes of thrush. It is possible that you and your baby have thrush, a yeast infection that is easily passed back and forth between mom and baby.
To prevent thrush in newborns, tell your doctor if you have any white, cheesy vaginal discharge while you are pregnant. All patients with suppressed immune systems should get regular checkups for oral problems such as thrush.
To make a long story short, two rounds of medication and two months later, we were still battling thrush.

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