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Unfortunately, runners may be slightly more prone to yeast infections than the rest of the female world.
After my last running-induced yeast infection, I mentioned my financial woes to my gynecologist, and she shared a glorious secret: you can make your own suppositories. A moist, warm environment outside the vagina can be a contributing factor towards getting a yeast infection.

However, if you get yeast infections frequently (some people are more prone to them – see your doctor), the cost of these treatments adds up. You may save a bunch of dough, get rid of your yeast infection, and then can go buy running shoes in celebration!
The comprehensive website and mobile apps target all levels of participation in the sport, as well as events of all sizes around the country with training, dietary and other runner-relevant information.

This applies to runners because we spend more time in sweaty undies than the average woman does.

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