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I spent quite a while sifting through all the bad recipes out there to find a few that look suitable. One thing is for sure, you can definitely still eat loads of great food on the candida diet and there’s no reason to feel deprived in any way at all. Though the ACD prohibits most sweeteners, there are a few permitted (and thank goodness for that!).  Here are my top picks for low glycemic sweeteners that you can use while fighting candida (or any time you wish to replace cane sugar with a healthier option). Bake in preheated oven for 65-75 minutes, rotating the pan about halfway through, until the bread is well browned on the bottom and sides, and the top springs back when touched lightly (there will be a fairly thick crust by this time, but it should still spring back).  A knife inserted in the center should come out moist but clean.

Before I got Candida I wouldn’t have been in the slightest bit interested whether or not a bread was yeast free or not.
If you haven’t been able to eat carbs during phase 1 & 2 of the candida diet this awesome bread recipe will make your day! Always during my lady days I crave sugar and bread so this was a perfect way to relax those cravings without putting my health at risk. You’ll get recipes as soon as they’re posted, plus cookbook updates and news about upcoming events!

And although I’m not strict with my candida diet at the moment, I try to do my best when I can.

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