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I hate to end my illustrious and productive nursing career on a low note but I am not planning a victory baby to make up for it. Using a Q-tip dipped in Gentian Violet antiseptic (to keep the liquid sterile), I swabbed myself once per day before nursing for four days. Okay, you might not like talking about boobs, but from someone who had a hell of a time nursing because my boobs like to make plugged ducts for funsies, I feel your pain.
For more information about thrush and other alternative treatment options, check out Breastfeeding and Thrush: How to Beat the Yeast Beast.
Gentian Violet saved the day for us since we, like you, had no success with the medicine route. Me n my 4 month old baby is fighting with thrush from 3 months after trying nystatin and diflucin now want to try gentian violet but scared as pharmacist told me its for external use only . Plz help n if i try it is safe for my baby n how to apply directly in babies mouth or on my nipples then breastfeed her.
Many OES are prone to ear infections, partly because of the hair that grows inside their ears, the fact that they have drop ears that allow very little air circulation, and also many other causes like food allergies, thyroid problems, and general imbalances. Many of those ear infections end up being a yeast infection in their ear, but you need a vet to take a swab and test to see if it is yeast (fungal) or bacterial, to determine the course of treatment. I found a fantastic homemade ear yeast infection remedy, and have been using it for Dancer's ears. The head of the WV vet whatever association, a 67 ole horse doctor and vet told me years ago that dish soap such as Dawn mixed around 10 to 1 with water was the best cleaning solution because it cuts grease and wax. I wouldn't use that ear solution for regular cleaning, just if there is an infection, in particular of yeast, in the ear.
For regular every day (which is actually once a week) cleaning I just use a bit of baby oil.
Willowsprite, I have been using this solution for the past couple of years with my dogs.

But now it is proved to be highly poisonous ( as a slow poison)and it is forbidden in some countries to be used as a medication. That solution is geared specifically toward yeast infections in the ear, I don't think it would help at all for a bacterial infection and may make it worse. Wow - I haven't thought of gentian violet in years - Ever since my oldest son had his last thrush infection when he was 2. I also did a sugar-free cleanse right afterward because I felt like I was invaded by the yeast. Watch for a Reaction – Even with properly diluted gentian violet, some children will have a reaction.
Use a Disposable Cup – Dilute the small amount of gentian violet that you need for each application in a disposable cup that you can throw away. And it is gentian violet, not genetian for those that may be wondering if that's a spelling error. If you have a dog who is prone to yeast infections in the ear (and as I mentioned, you need a vet to diagnose this), then I would use it once monthly to prevent the yeast from getting out of control in their ear. I remember painting his mouth, BRIGHT purple, and people looking at me as though I'd poisoned my child, or at least needed to limit his access to grape popsicles.
Gentian violet worked for my son, but there may be reasons why you should avoid using it with your baby.¬†Find out from a professional exactly how to use gentian violet safely. Yeast loves warm, moist places, so make sure you get in all the cracks and creases around your baby’s bottom. His face still got purple, but I could tell it was worse on the night that I forgot to put the olive oil on first.
However, my son was over a year old and he definitely knew how to fight back when I came at him with the q-tip. She said that thrush is quite challenging to diagnose but easy to treat with an anti-fungal pill (same as you’d get for any yeast infection).

The last time, about 3 months ago, that I thought I had thrush, I went in and got tested and I didn’t have any yeast! It is possible that you and your baby have thrush, a yeast infection that is easily passed back and forth between mom and baby. It works after just one application, but my lactation consultant told me that we should use it for three nights just to be sure we got all of it. Make sure everyone involved in the process is wearing clothes that you won’t mind being stained purple. Then use it twice a day for two weeks, then once a day for two weeks, then once monthly for maintenance.
And you might feel mean for doing it, but I found that using one of the finger tip baby toothbrushes to rub it into my little one’s mouth to apply it is what finally did the trick to help us both get rid of it. I have an old rug that still bears the purple stain - Steam cleaned multiple times and still purple.
It burns while you chew and it burns when you swallow, plus you smell like garlic for a while!
Not to use the Lanisol beast pads because they have a plastic backing that traps moisture and makes the yeast worse.
My daughter is 14 months, so I’m ready, but I could handle 1 or 2 nursings a day if it were for the stabbing pain afterword. I used every solution out there to clean their ears, and every ointment out there to help get rid of ear infections.

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