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Mothers who have a history of vaginal yeast infections, are more susceptible to a yeast infection while breastfeeding, compared to others.
Pacifiers used by your baby, put your baby at a higher risk of developing an oral yeast infection (thrush in mouth). Antibiotics taken during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding, can increase the risk of breast infections like thrush. Damp nursing pads or bras that are kept against the skin for too long, promote the growth of yeast. Thrush and Breastfeeding ~ Foods to Avoid Mushrooms, Pickled vegetables and fruits, Deep fried foods, Monosodium glutamate, Smoked fish and meat, Dried fruits, Yeast products like bread, Sweets, Beer, wine and sodas.
Noah had a terrible yeasty diaper rash that no cream on earth seemed to touch and went on repeated nursing strikes, or would pull off my breast and wail for no apparent reason. There are many, many ways to treat thrush — and you may need to try a combination of prescription treatments and natural remedies, since yeast can be VERY hard to kill.

I am on a powerful immunosuppressant drug for an unrelated condition, but that means I have hard time fighting off any type of infection.
Cure for Thrush & Natural Remedies for Thrush If the yeast infection is inside the breast, and not just on the nipple, an oral medication will be needed. Yeast occurs naturally in everyone’s bodies, but if it grows too rapidly, an infection can develop making breastfeeding more challenging. A strong immune system and a healthy amount of “good” bacteria is typically enough to maintain a normal level of yeast, but, if your baby is ill or on antibiotics, a thrush infection may develop. Also, if you had a yeast infection during pregnancy or childbirth, or if you received antibiotics after your delivery, your baby may be more prone to a thrush infection while breastfeeding. You may notice your baby is less interested or fussy during breastfeeding because of the irritation. If you’re pumping, thoroughly clean and dry all pump parts that come in contact with breastmilk.

A yeasty fungal infection that mother and baby can share and pass back and forth many times before successfully getting rid of it.
If you notice irritation, redness or shooting pain in your nipples, you may have a thrush infection too. Don’t save any milk that you may pump during treatment (the thrush may still be present after freezing and cause another bout of infection later on), but you do NOT have to stop nursing.

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