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The symptoms of candidiasis mimic those of food reactions: fatigue, headaches, bloating, nasal congestion, heartburn and moodiness, among others. Common foods such as bread, cheese, alcohol and sugar can cause a host of physical, mental and emotional problems if you suffer from Candidiasis. A significant number of women with PMS have a problem with Candida albicans, and probably more than half the women with candidiasis have some uncomfortable premenstrual symptoms. The relationship between candidiasis and food sensitivities is even strong by consumption of sugars and refined carbohydrates.

The Immunodiffusion test is an FDA approved procedure that will confirm late stage Candidiasis with significantly high antibody levels. Immuno Laboratories has helped hundreds of thousands of people overcome their Candida related symptoms. This can lead to an immunological or hypersensitivity reaction that is manifested as the polysystemic disease for which this syndrome is now known.
The high sensitivity and specificity of the ELISA test, which detects the earlier stages of Candidiasis, will allow your physician to initiate therapy much sooner in the disease cycle.

This usually results in an infection known as Polysystemic Chronic Candidiasis (PCC) and can occur in men, women and children.
Many people start to experience relief from their symptoms within two weeks of initiating their dietary modifications.

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