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It's often assumed that thrush is a condition that only affects women, but Candida albicans (thrush) also affects many men across the world, although the symptoms tend to be different. Thrush most commonly tends to develop after taking antibiotics, as these types of treatments don't distinguish between good and bad bacteria, therefore killing both. Having type 1 or type 2 diabetes is often associated with an increased occurrence of thrush in men, because high blood-sugar levels create a more favourable environment for yeast to grow.
The symptoms of male thrush are slightly different to those experienced by women when they have vaginal thrush and can appear in the groin area or around the tip of the penis, this often develops into something that is known as balanitis. If thrush (or balanitis) develops in the skin area between the testicles and leg, it will usually start off as a red itchy rash, that later develops spots and small blisters.

If you are afraid that you might have male thrush or balanitis due to the symptoms experienced, then it is essential that you visit your local GP or care physician as soon as possible. Diflucan is an antibiotic treatment in tablet form that can be used as an effective cure for thrush in men and women. Thrush can develop for many different reasons, but it is fundamentally an infection that develops when the body's natural bacteria becomes disturbed. This infection is usually easily diagnosed by the identification of inflammation or redness around the glans at the tip and helmet of the penis. These samples are then checked for any signs of thrush and similar infections, but usually due to the visual symptoms of thrush is more easily identifiable in men compared to women.

Although it can be transmitted during sexual activity, thrush is not an STI, which is why it is essential that due care is taken between both partners to ensure neither is infected or reinfected with the fungus. The first point of call for treating penile thrush is fluconazole (also known as Diflucan).

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