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Foot fungal infections or Infected Fugal paws are another common ailment with which dogs suffer.
The infected paws and especially ears would have an unpleasant pungent smell which is hard to ignore.
My Pug had an infection (either bacterial or fungal) between two toes and it appeared to have spread to the inside her ear. It was rare but after few trips to vet taking several types of antibiotics turned out that my bulldog came into contact with bacteria from feces somewhere in the neighborhood.My dog had a cut on bottom of front paw where the bacteria probably entered her paw.
Hi, I have a 4 year English bulldog, his paws are constantly red espically in the summer, tried everything on earth and spend all sorts of money and nothing helped, I just say where someone talked about vinegar and water, just tried it and keeping my finger crossed, thanks.
Like N, I have a white pit bull (8 years old with the same problem), sore between the toes and loss of strenght in his hind quarters, we have him on joint medicine from the vet (4 about 5 days now), but I'm concerned we aren't doing the right thing and that this is an infection.
My dog is 7 years old and has the same problem every year.I got her when she was 9 weeks old.

I HAVE A PITBULL WITH SOME KIND OF INFECTION ON HIS PAWS THE BIGGEST THING THAT HAS ME WORRIED IS THAT IN THE LAST WEEK OR SO HE HAS TOTALLY LOST ALL STRENGTH IN HIS HIND LEGS. It is always required that in such areas, dogs at risk should be constantly monitored and preventive measures should be taken.Now, though we cannot confirm the exact cause without an in person examination, we have a strong opinion that it is a fungal infection, along with a possible secondary bacterial infection. Summer heat can dehydrate their skin, a good hand moisturized applied to the bottom of their paws can do wonders for dry pads. Several times you would have seen your dog vigorously itching it's ear which might be a "Yest infection" and could worsen if your pet scratches it with it's paw nails".
Malassezia dermatitis is the most common type of yeast infection found on a dog's skin and is usually found on the paws, ear canals, armpits, jowls, anal area and any skin folds that your pooch may have. It will immediately inhibit further growth of the infection while suppressing the spread of infection and deodorizing the affected area.
I did this for four days, finally took her to vet.He would not rule out amputation of the paw, so got advice from a veterinarian from Auburn university Glad I did because the Auburn vet turned out to be right.

He had also got sores under his coller that looked like a brown recluse had bit him and looked like the sores were eating him from the inside out our local vet refered to his problem stating our dog had something like lupis and infection is eating him from the inside out. Many such infections are caused by bacteria, virus and sometimes due to allergens caused by pet grooming products. Saniprowash being a tropical infection care water; works within 3-4 application which is again completely safe for the animal even being licked.
In her case, within a year of having her, she started into kidney failure, so pred isn't an option anyway.It seems environmental, but I'm not positive. I'm left to wonder how many dogs are treated for allergies that actually have a yeast problem.

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