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This HIV-positive patient presented to a dental office exhibiting signs of a secondary erythematous candidiasis infection. People who have poor health, very low immunity, who have autoimmune disorders like HIV or AIDS, who are receiving chemotherapy and who are taking steroid medicines for any other disease are prone to get oral thrush. BMC does not have a program to supply the medicines for HIV which are called HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy). As the disease progresses, HIV patients have a certain appearance of having a chronic illness, much like end stage cancer patients.

Whenever a doctor at BMC suspects HIV, he must fill out the form and send the patient to the chaplaincy office. The immune system in suffers with HIV undergoes a dramatic reduction in its effectiveness, resulting in the greater possibility of secondary infections, as in this example of an AIDS patient with symptoms of oral candidiasis. For people wih autoimmune disorders like HIV, your doctor may prescribe strong medicines like fluconazole.
The temples next to the eyes sink in causing “bi-temporal wasting.” Whenever I see this physical sign, I begin to look for clues of HIV or another chronic illness.

In 2 or 3 patients, the tip-off was oral thrush – white “sores” or patches on the tongue, palate (roof of the mouth), or in the esophagus.
As HIV starts attacking the immune system, the body loses its ability to fight off common illnesses.

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