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For example, a child with a history of chronic ear, nose, and throat infections may spend the better part of their childhood on and off antibiotics.
Chronic use of NSAID pain relievers such as ibuprofen can wreak havoc on a sensitive digestive system.
A diet high in processed foods such as refined grains and sugars feeds the yeast in your body and causes it to overgrow. Pau d’Arco – This herb is a natural yeast fighter that can be taken in tea or capsule form. Garlic – Best eaten raw, the chemical compound allicin is responsible for its potent yeast-fighting properties. Cayenne Pepper – A natural digestive aid, cayenne pepper can help ease the constipation associated with chronic candida infection as well as knock out the yeast itself.
Coconut Oil – One of the most healing oils on the planet, a teaspoon of pure coconut oil taken twice daily can eradicate yeast and heal an inflamed gut. Probiotic Formula, Ultra-Probiotic Formula – An absolute essential in your yeast-fighting arsenal. Candi-Calm – For yeast sufferers who are dealing with extreme die-off symptoms, Candi-Calm is the solution. Lemon Oil – For thrush sufferers, lemon oil can be diluted in water and swished around in the mouth to clear yeast and eliminate bad breath.
No matter how long you’ve been suffering with chronic yeast, your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself. The myths and facts of candida, thrush and yeast infections - so much finger pointing and misery for nothing. Yeast Infection in Cats, Dogs, Hounds, Horses and Animals - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Prevention. While antibiotics are the medications most widely known to contribute to candida infections, there are a few other drugs out there that can do the same thing. As with antibiotics, these medications don't directly cause candida infections, but they do contribute to creating a perfect environment for them. For example, I get chronic bronchitis every year, usually left over from a bout with the flu. There are a huge number of NSAIDs on the market today, and for some odd reason they have a huge variety of names.
However, the literature you're supposed to get with a new medication should have the classification listed prominently, so look for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, NSAID, or NAID as the listed class.

Hormone therapies, such as contraception or menopause medications, are often linked to candida infections.
Either way, if you decrease the basic pH of the gastrointestinal tract too far by overuse of antacids or antihyperacidity medications, you may suffer from a candida yeast infection. The last and rather rare group of medications that can contribute to a yeast infection are the immunosuppressants. To people with fairly normal immune systems, yeast infections are usually nothing but a serious annoyance. However, when the immune system is compromised by drug or disease, a candida yeast infection can become systemic and deadly. When immunosuppressant therapy is prescribed, careful monitoring for infection by anything is a must. If a yeast infection is caused by a non-antibiotic medication, the treatment should often be tailored to the specific circumstances. A healthy diet and lifestyle, sufficient sleep and as much stress reduction as possible are all important to maintaining a healthy immune system, which is the best defense against candida infections.
If you think that a particular medication is contributing to recurrent yeast infections, talk to your doctor.
If you must take the medication in question, you'll have to take serious precautions in order to avoid recurring yeast infections. If taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories for a long-term problem, you may want to try several if one gives you problems with recurring yeast infections. If you're taking one of the over-the-counter NSAIDs for problems with headaches or generalized pain, you may want to look into alternate therapies.
Any pain that persists for over two weeks needs to be looked at by a doctor, so don't take over-the-counter NSAIDs to diminish pain without ever looking into the source of the problem.
If you're taking it to prevent pregnancy and it's causing never-ending yeast infections, you may want to look into other methods of birth control that don't involve higher estrogen levels. However, continual monitoring and careful infection control are both important parts of therapy with immunosuppressants, and the general methods for yeast infection prevention may help in day to day life. Even if it never develops into anything serious, a yeast infection can make life downright miserable.
In addition, each time a yeast infection develops there's a tiny chance that it could go systemic, so it's not the sort of thing you just ignore. With education, a bit of work and a few precautions, yeast infections may never worry you again.

When this natural yeast is in balance with other living bacteria in your body, all is well. Any drug that suppresses natural, healthy gut bacteria for long periods of time can contribute to yeast overgrowth. For example, a candida antibody blood test can check to see if you’re having an allergic reaction to the yeast your body is producing.
Just some of its comprehensive yeast-eliminating ingredients include: Boron, olive leaf extract, B vitamins, selenium, copper, biotin, calcium, quercetin, zinc, folate, and aged citrus peel.
Because of this ability, the immune system is the body's best defense against any natural yeast infection cause. When glucose levels go up, again, it just creates a better environment for yeast infection microorganisms to multiply.
While it seems rather strange, these medications can actually contribute to yeast infections because, in a minor way, they suppress the natural response of the immune system. In many cases, generic drug names within a class of medications will have similar prefixes or suffixes, but the NSAID class is so huge this is no longer the case. People who have to take immunosuppressant medications such as those for cancer or organ transplant are highly susceptible to these deadly candida infections. Many of the general precautions can be found on the yeast infection prevention, home remedies and cure page, but a few of them are specific to medication use. The antibiotic may fight off the infection but it leaves the immune system chronically weakened and susceptible to attacks from both outside and inside the body. When you fill your gut but do not nourish your body, you’re building the perfect environment for yeast. This stool kit, which you can order online today and take in the privacy of your own home, not only accurately determines whether or not you have chronic yeast, but exactly which strain of yeast it is and which natural remedies are most effective against it! This product is ideal for the yeast sufferer who needs an effective yet gentle solution to their candida. When you have this syndrome, the normal yeast in your body becomes systemic, causing myriad symptoms.
It also records digestive enzyme activity, good bacteria levels, and even checks for parasites, a common factor in the development of candida yeast syndrome.

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