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Fungal infections are caused by dermatophytes which are a type of fungi that infect the skin, hair and nails. The antibiotic nature of turmeric helps it to reach out at the root of any infection and cure it from within. This oil displays remarkable properties, which are effective for a wide range of skin complaints arising from bacteria, fungi and viruses. A mixture of a few drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water and applying the mixture in the infected area after bath helps in curing the infection topically. The transparent gels that are obtained from the pulp of the meaty leaves of Aloe Vera has been used since ages to treat skin infections, wounds healing, burns and various other dermatologic conditions and skin inflammations. Water is responsible for various skin diseases as well as helps in curing many skin diseases. These fungi normally live on the skin because they feed on keratin which is a type of protein and which is a component of the skin, nails and hair.
Baking soda is an apt remedy for fungal infections because it eradicates the fungus swiftly and brings considerable relief in the itching and burning. Its antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties provide a quick escape from the infection and its upsetting symptoms.

There are different types of skin infections like the bacterial infections, fungal and yeast infections and viral infections. A mixture of clarified butter along with turmeric powder has the ability to heal infection from cuts and open skin.
The curative properties of this gel protect the skin of the lips and other parts of skin of the body from further infections. Intake of plenty of water helps the body to fight any sort of infections on the lips or any other part of the body.
Fungal infections are of different types like fungal skin infection, fungal foot infection, fungal nail infection and many more. A fungal infection cannot spread from one person to another, so getting rid of it is not so difficult especially if you try the top 5 herbal remedies, which are as follows: Herbal Remedies For Fungal Infections Garlic Take raw garlic in a blender and make a juice of garlic.
These fungi are normally harmless but if they overgrow in large numbers, they cause infections like athlete’s foot, ringworm of the scalp, groin and other exposed parts of the body, nail infections and thrush which is an oral infection of the mouth.
Fungal infections are very contagious and can be easily spread by scratching the infected part and then scratching some other healthy area of the body.
Reapply after three or four hours and continue doing so until the last vestige of the infection has vanished.

The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of turmeric are beneficial for treating skin diseases. The symptoms of fungal infections depend on the different types of fungus that cause the infection. It can also be transmitted by direct contact with the infection or by touching contaminated articles. It is a superb remedy for fungal infections because of its antifungal properties which not only arrest the growth of the fungus but also kills it successfully.
The cool juice will instantly relieve the itching and burning and will soothe the inflamed skin. The antibacterial, antifungal and antibiotic properties will extinguish the life out of the fungi and will rapidly heal the skin perfectly.
You can use cotton balls to apply and massage your feet with tea tree oil.This will help to kill the fungus and will also stop its spread.

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