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In the case of systemic candida, probiotics should be added after three to five months of being on an anti-candida diet and anti-fungal regime. This well-known herb has powerful effects on candida; several studies have shown it wiping out candida internally and externally. While most natural anti-fungals are well tolerated by most people, caution must be used in dosing. Die-off is a set of symptoms produced when candida organisms die in massive numbers, releasing their toxins into the bloodstream faster than the body can get rid of them. Treating candida may seem overwhelming, especially given the restricted diet and anti-fungal regime.

But when the body is exposed to stress, hormonal imbalances, antibiotics, too much processed sugar, chronic mercury toxicity or some other factor, candida can cause genital, skin and oral infections. According to studies in the American Journal of Nutrition, candida flourishes in environments high in glucose, which the body converts from carbohydrates.
An article published in the Journal of Dental Research suggests that probiotics significantly lower the risk of oral candida infections in the elderly, while according to a study in the Journal of Antimicrobal Chemotherapy, probiotics also assist in curtailing recurrent vulvavaginal yeast infections in women. While there are many prescription anti-fungals, the most effective, and the most tolerable, are natural and available in health food stores. Caprylic acid is potent at destroying candida, and is on par with Nystatin, a prescription anti-fungal.

Rotating the anti-fungals is also crucial; taking any one type of anti-fungal longer than a month increases the chances of the candida developing a resistance to it.
Hydrogen peroxide works on internal candida as it does externally on bacteria in the mouth and skin. A Candida albicans infection can have many life-altering symptoms, but the cause is the same; the natural balance of intestinal flora is out of whack and the normally benign yeast microbe known as Candida albicans explodes and overgrows the gut.

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