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Common causes are Infections, Hormonal Imbalance, Vaginal Environments Changes and maybe it’s just Normal Discharge! Bacterial vaginosis (vaginal infection caused by bacteria) is one of the most common causes of gray, foul fishy-smelling vaginal discharge. Gonorrheal infections are manifested by cloudy yellow discharge often accompanied by pelvic pain and frequent urination.
White, cottage-cheese-like discharge often accompanied by itching is due to yeast infection known as candidiasis.
Other type of infections that you could get which could cause abnormal vaginal discharge includes chlamydia, ureaplasma and mycoplasma. This could be a sign of infection, although changing birth control pills can sometimes cause temporary abnormal discharge. My cycle is due to come on in two days an now I’m having a clear mucus discharge with one day brown discharge in it and the next it was a very light pink then the day after there was nothing what could this be.

Im so confused i been having s problem with yeast infection well at least i think it’s a yeast infection i got it twice and a third time this year.
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Decreased bacterial count and an increased vaginal pH more than 4.5 are the main culprits causing infection.
I just stopped ovulating and it’s usually clear with light brown streaks in it that almost resemble blood clots that I see during my period. Its role is to protect the vagina from infection by releasing certain proteins and maintaining a vaginal pH of 4.5. Changing your panty liners frequently, keeping your feminine area cool and dry by avoiding tight clothing and linen panties may help prevent from such infections.
But a just yesterday i had sticky light green almost mucus like fluid coming out with no odour and i been having some really bad abdominal pain.

Once the bacterial count decreases, vaginal pH changes and various infections of the vagina can occur. For those who are sexually active, sticking to one partner is the best prevention, as STDs are often associated with such infections.
Green, yellow, gray and white, thick, cottage-cheese like discharge, usually with odor, itching and pain are signs of infection.

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