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Yeast infections, also known as candidosis, moniliasis, idiomycosis or vaginitis, are caused by too many yeast cells growing in the vagina.
Yeast infections are very common, and are usually not cause for alarm, as they are easily treated. The over abundance of yeast in the vagina is what causes the yeast infection, but there are a variety of things that cause the over abundance that leads to the yeast infection. The destruction of the naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina leads to lower regulation of the yeast, therefore resulting in an over abundance of the yeast and a yeast infection. Inks, dyes and perfumes can upset the balance of bacteria in yeast or cause allergic reactions leading to yeast infections.
Although important for safe-sex practices, condoms lubricated with spermicide are linked to the occurrence of yeast infections.
Women with poorly controlled diabetes have an increased chance of yeast infections due to the amount of sugar in the urine. Pregnancy and taking birth control pills, both of which affect the amount of hormones present, influences the occurrence of yeast infections.
Weakened Immune System: Diseases such as HIV and Lyme Disease lead to weakened immune systems, which put the individual at a higher risk for developing yeast infections. When receiving medical attention for a suspected yeast infection, the doctor will take a specimen for microscopic analysis.
If proper diagnosis has been made, and a yeast infection is present, there are a variety of treatments for the infection. Over-the-counter topical treatments for yeast infection are readily available at most drug stores as either topical creams or vaginal tablets. If seeing a doctor for the treatment of a yeast infection, a prescription for powerful anti-fungal medications will probably be given. If natural remedies are preferred over prescription or over-the-counter treatments, there are many options for the treatment of yeast infection at home.
Contains a bacterium found in healthy vaginas that helps to kill yeast by producing hydrogen peroxide. Commonly used in Italy to treat yeast infections, a few drops of teatree oil are added to the tip of a tampon, which has been coated with KY Jelly, and the tampon is then inserted into the vagina. Yeast infections are common and generally easily treated with either home remedies or medications available through prescription or over-the-counter. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years.

It is a common infection that occurs when there is an overgrowth of the yeast called Candida. Vaginal yeast infection occurs more frequently and more severely in people with weakened immune systems. It is important to be sure of the diagnosis before treating a vulvovaginal candidiasis infection with over-the-counter or other antifungal medications. Normally, the bacteria Lactobacillus can produce an environment not conducive to yeast overgrowth. Frequent symptoms of vaginal yeast infection include itching, burning and large or small amounts of vaginal discharge, often whitish gray and thick.
Some women may experience a complicated yeast infection, which includes more severe symptoms and includes the presence of four or more infections in a single year.
On the next page we look at tests and diagnosis of a yeast infection, prevention and the available treatment options for the condition. Quick born grass allergy study toronto flu like symptoms mold grand can allergies cause voice changes can lose your voice cause council it gave excuse cialis throat tightness that distresses his purposes are desired.
Yeast is naturally present on the skin and in moist areas of the body, such as the mouth and vagina.
However, the first step to treating a yeast infection is to determine if a yeast infection is, in fact, present. Symptoms of diabetes should not be ignored, and the advice of a medical professional should be sought if diabetes is a concern. Many women mistakenly treat themselves for yeast infection when their illness is actually something else. Allergies to this treatment are not uncommon and sometimes the one pill treatment does not work effectively. This is relatively expensive, and as with the over-the-counter topical treatments, breaks down latex. Rashes may also occur as a symptom of a more serious disease, such as liver disease, kidney disease, or some types of cancer.
A rash that occurs with other symptoms, such as shortness of breath or fever, may mean another problem, such as a serious allergic reaction or infection. A healthy vagina has bacteria that help to keep the amount of yeast in the vagina under control. Accurate diagnosis can be difficult, and it is estimated that only one-third of women treating a yeast infection are actually suffering from a yeast infection.

In addition, the chemicals in douches are particularly bad for the vaginal area, as they destroy the bacteria present in the vagina that helps to regulate yeast. Fortunately, it is possible to find condoms without spermicidal lubricant, as well as polyurethane condoms that do not contain latex.
It is important to note that 25-30% of yeast infections may be resistant to over-the-counter medications and if such treatments are ineffective, the advice of a medical professional should be sought. Additionally, this treatment breaks down latex, which is of concern to anyone practicing safe sex during the usage of this treatment.
There are other illnesses that present with similar symptoms, such as some sexually transmitted diseases.
However, when the natural bacteria of the vagina are reduced, the amount of yeast increases, thereby creating a yeast infection. It is also important to change your underwear regularly (at least once per day) and wash them thoroughly after wear, as yeast can live in underwear. The prescription medications are much stronger than over-the-counter treatments and may be necessary in resistant forms of yeast infection or for recurring yeast infections. Remove the tampon in the morning, and continue this treatment until symptoms of the yeast infection cease.
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Also avoid the use of non-oil based hand creams or lotions designed for the body, as these may contain perfumes and dyes that cause allergic reactions and lead to yeast infections. Therefore, the advice of a medical professional should be sought if the individual is uncertain of the illness causing the symptoms.
Allergies can Iodine Allergy And Salt Yeast Infection Food also affect the gastrointestinal tract then the patient suffers pain in the abdomen bloating vomiting diarrhea. This treatment should be administered once or twice per day until symptoms of the yeast infection cease. If the gauze or cheesecloth is uncomfortable, the clove of garlic may be inserted into the vagina alone and is pretty easily removed later, either on its own naturally or through pushing. Seasonal allergies also known as hay fever and dairy allergies can cause nasal irritation that The release of IgE antibodies triggers other chemicals that cause inflammation and peanut allergy hearing loss child amoxicillin hives irritation in soft tissue.

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