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Many diseases start with an impacted colon – give candida a run for its money by eliminating (pun intended) its hiding place.
There are many herbs, oils, and natural approaches that can help treat candida and I’ve listed several of them below. When you’ve gone through the herbs you want to use, repeat again until you have no more symptoms of candida.
Black Walnut – In a recent study, Black Walnut was shown more effective against candida than any other anti-fungal drug. Burdock Root – Burdock is an anti-fungal and has been used effectively against candida for many years according to Medical Herbalism.
Oil of Oregano (oil of wild oregano is the best quality) – This versatile oil has two microbial chemicals that actually dehydrate all varieties of fungi and yeasts without harming good bacteria. Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) – this powerful oil is anti-fungal and proven effective against candida.

Grapefruit Seed Extract – is another parasite eliminator (anything that kills parasites is also effective against candida) that does not harm good bacteria. Various family health issues including Lyme disease and candida has turned me into a 'researcher' with a passion for understanding how our God-created bodies thrive or deteriorate based on what we put in it. Bakker is a naturopath from New Zealand who’s has been treating candida patients for over 20 years. If you come at candida with everything you've got, eventually it will get under control again. His book is devoted to explaining candida and how to treat common candida symptoms naturally. Olive Leaf also stimulates your immune system and helps stabilize blood sugar levels (elevated blood sugar levels feed candida).
It is safe to use as a breath freshener as it kills the bacteria that causes odor in your mouth.

Aloe Vera is a great detoxifier, especially for the liver (the organ that cleans the candida by-products from your blood).
When candida dies, it releases a toxic waste (the liver eliminates it) that can initially make a person feel worse, or have flu-like symptoms. If that isn’t enough, it also gives the body a natural energy boost which is helpful when candida makes us fatigued.

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