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Yeast infections often follow a dose of antibiotics, since in addition killing the bacteria that's making you sick, the medicine also kills bacteria that keeps your vagina healthy. When you buy your yogurt, check the label to make sure it contains Lactobacillus acidophilus in the ingredients list.
Some women apply the garlic directly to the vagina when they feel the beginnings of an infection coming on.
If you develop symptoms of a yeast infection, consult a physician to make sure it is actually a yeast infection.
If you are taking certain medications for blood pressure or diabetes, consult your physician about preventative measures for yeast infections. Meet Hailey, a dedicated wikiHowian of over two years who has started 132 articles and reviewed over 41,500 recent changes.
The good news is that many of the same practices that help prevent yeast infections under normal circumstances can also protect you when you're taking antibiotics.
Eating yogurt is known to be so helpful in the prevention of yeast infections that many doctors advise their patients to stop by the grocery store after picking up their antibiotics prescription.

It doesn't hurt to continue eating plenty of yogurt when you're finished taking them, either, since antibiotics are just one culprit leading to yeast infections. There is limited evidence to support the notion that alcoholic beverages, breads and other foods made with yeast can lead to yeast infections.
Tight pants, pantyhose or elastic undergarments, or materials that don't allow air to circulate around the vaginal area, can cause the area to stay moist - perfect conditions for the growth of yeast. Even when you're not on antibiotics, douching can lead to conditions in the vagina that promote yeast growth. Wipe from front to back to avoid any transfer of bacteria from the anal area to the vagina, which can encourage infection. She enjoys editing new articles, patrolling recent changes, and interacting in the wikiHow forums. Making some dietary changes, having good hygiene and wearing the right clothes can all help prevent the conditions that cause yeast infections to occur. That's because yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, a bacteria that lives in the vagina and keeps the chemistry there balanced.

If you love satin and lace underwear, consider changing it out for cotton while you're on antibiotics.
If you're willing to change things up while you're on antibiotics, consider using condoms for awhile. Douches usually contain chemicals that kill off that good bacteria and leave room for the bad stuff to take over. Her favorite article she’s worked on is How to Keep Cats Out of the House, and her favorite article on wikiHow is How to Care for a New Cat.

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