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When this delicate balance is disturbed by antibiotics for example, the good bacteria in the colon (lactobacillus acidophillus and bifidobacteria) die as well as the bad bacteria, but the Candida, being a yeast, unaffected by antibiotics, spreads like a wildfire. Urinary Candida symptoms can be bladder infections, burning urination, kidney infection and urethritis. Respiratory Candida symptoms can be bronchitis, chronic cough, clogged sinuses, excess mucous, nasal itching, sinus infections, wheezing, sneezing, pneumonia and chronic congestion. There is a Candida yeast infection test based on the fact that the Candida organism ferments sugars into alcohol. Candida is normally a yeast, and can be seen as vaginal thrush, discharge or whitish plaque on the tongue or inside the mucous membranes in the mouth. Whilst yeast thrush is merely inconvenient, chronic Candidiasis is the next step towards a possible systemic Candidiasis, which can become life-threatening when immunity drops significantly, for example at an advanced age or after an organ transplant.
The first stage usually takes several years, and always is caused by underlying conditions or problems. The number of symptoms associated with chronic Candidiasis are so numerous and so seemingly unrelated, that just about anything could be caused by a chronic Candida infection. When you have bad luck, you were unable to prevent the yeast form of Candida to transform into the fungus form.
The reality is that anyone who has ever been on a few weeks of antibiotics can have a severe Candida overgrowth in the intestines, because as soon as Candida has taken root in the colon, it will never yield its gained ground back to the beneficial acidophillus gut bacteria. Candida loves sugars, so you can starve this organism – especially when you have intestinal Candidiasis.
Some folks even go further, and spread the Candida nonsense that when you suffer from Candida infection, that you can’t eat mushrooms like Champignons. Of course a healthy gut flora is essential to prevent Candida infestation and to help fight Candida infection.

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I have been suffering from Lyme neuroborreliosis since 1995, and I still have symptoms of the infection.
A good Candida diet also contains enough nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to keep the immune system able to fight this insidious infection.
The longer and more often you take them, and the higher dose you take, the greater the risk of an opportunistic Candida infection – especially when you alternate or combine antibiotics of a different family.
Candida can be diagnosed like this, but the test is unsuitable to judge the extent of the infection.
This beneficial gut flora raises the acidity in the intestines, and Candida has trouble living in an acidic environment. Avoid food with a high GI (Glycemic Index), especially when suffering from intestinal Candida. So if you ever gotten a colonoscopy to diagnose possible Candida in your gut, then you’re out of luck when the Candida resides mainly in your small intestine. The breakdown of proteins produces ammonia, creating an environment favorable to Candida yeast.
The people who spread this myth ignore the fact that the very high temperatures involved in baking bread not only completely kills any and all yeast in the bread (the bread becomes sterile) but that there remains nothing left of the yeast molecules!
However, after having studied medical research and medical patents, I came across something that actually does work with any kind of chronic Candida infection, as long as you’re not on intravenous antifungals in a IC ward.
To help you understand how dangerous Candida can be: A mere 3000 Candida yeast cells injected into the bloodstream of an adult (an amount so small that it would be totally invisible to the naked eye) has a lethality of 98%. Since the blood sugar raises dramatically when you eat food with a high Glycemic Index, also this food is taboo – at least until you have gotten rid of the Candida infection.

Raw, they can prevent or ameliorate a beginning Candidiasis in the intestine or mouth, yes. This yeast can easily become a fungus, and in that form it is dangerous and near-incurable.
This is why you need to ask for a Candida stool culture test as a diagnostic tool for Candida in the intestinal tract.
Modest amounts of lactose (milk sugar) from fermented diary is beneficial to people with intestinal Candida. To top it off I had infertility problems for years and thought I couldn’t get pregnant. Frequent douching with water may result in an imbalance of the pH of the vagina, and thus may put women at risk for yeast infections. The longer the Candida yeast remains in your mouth, the more chance it has to defeat the immune system and sprout roots. Big salads with lots of leafy greans are the best to restore intestinal health – even better than any yoghurts. I have an appointment with the infectious disease Dr tomorrow and I almost know that she’s going to piss me off and say its in my mind because I have bipolar disorder which definitely is from the candida. I wonder if there are studies that support the idea that the yeast fungus does not become resistant to the lufenuron over time.

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