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There are some people who think that thrush can be caused when the baby sucks on a pacifier or bottle for a prolonged period. Many babies get thrush from their mothers when breastfeeding and this makes it hard to prevent.
Also thrush in children may develop if disturbed microflora of an organism or reduced immunity for violations of the gastrointestinal tract, hormonal changes or when taking antibiotics. To prevent the growth of fungi of the genus Candida have a newborn baby, it is useful to include in the diet of nursing mothers yogurt containing live lactic culture. A fungal infection, thrush thrives in warm, moist places; add in the sugar present in breastmilk and the conditions in your baby's mouth during breastfeeding are ripe for oral thrush.
Oral thrush can go to the other end of your baby's digestive system - ie their bottom - and cause nappy rash. The Breastfeeding Network says the difference between sore nipples and thrush is that thrush causes and agonising pain felt equally in both breasts after every feed. Thrush can be difficult to spot (as sometimes there are no symptoms) and even harder to treat.
The other thing I did was spend time with my bra off and my beasts open to the air - thrush thrives in warm damp areas, so a bit of light and fresh air help.

A baby infected with oral thrush may have white-like patches in the cheeks, on tongue and lips or have cracked skin on the corners of the mouth.
A baby can infect the mum with thrush when breastfeeding thus infecting the nipples and this might need treatment from a doctor.
You can start to suspect thrush if your baby cries when sucking on a pacifier, bottle-feeds, or is breastfeeding.
The disease is more common in newborns and children in the first year of life, but may occur in older age. Thrush, as well as other infectious diseases can be spread on the skin and mucous membranes to other organs.
But, obviously, there are exceptions to every rule and you may be that exception, so if you think you or your baby has thrush, get it checked. Babies can also have diaper rush the same time they have oral thrush and in such a case, the thrush is caused by the same yeast. Thrush can come about when there is change in hormones immediately after birth and they trigger yeast overgrowth in the baby’s mouth. A mother can infect her baby with thrush if she is taking antibiotics which end-up infecting her nipples with thrush.

Even so, infants who do not use pacifiers and only breastfeed can also get thrush making it hard to determine an exact cause. If the thrush does come off, the area underneath will remain red and raw and might even bleed.
Once you have finished applying the treatment, wash your hands to prevent spreading the thrush. Therefore, if the thrush is desirable to reduce the consumption of sweets, flour, fat, increasing in diet proportion of vegetables, fruit, wholegrain bread.
Most thrush cases are not threatening, as the disease in infants can be treated easily by topical antifungal medications.

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