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POST a QUESTION or READ FAQs about what building mold looks at under the light microscope at magnifications from 10x to 1200x. The photo at page top shows Aspergillus sp., fungal spores and condiophores under the microscope at 1200x. Nearly all of our mold spore photographs shown at this mold spore identification assistance page are from field samples collected in buildings.
Mold grown in the laboratory or on cultures is often very crisp, beautiful, and perhaps more easy to identify. See MICROSCOPE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY for advice on how to obtain and organize good photographs through the microscope. We find lots of the fungus spores shown above, Aureobasidium pullulans, a black yeast fungus, growing on wet or damp wood in buildings, especially on plywood roof sheathing in poorly-vented building attics.

Watch out: What Chaetomium fungal spores look like in the microscope depends a lot on how they are prepared (what mountant chemicals) and the extent of spore hydration. Fuglio septica is shown under the stereoscopic microscope (less than 100x) at above left, while Fuglio septica mold spores are shown at above right. It is useful to check out black round "spores" under the microscope using top lighting in order to distinguish them from paint droplets where paint has been sprayed in the building.
These spores are easy to identify by their color (none or hyaline), and their shape as well as their cellular inclusions or surface decorations visible in any sharply focused microscope at 400x or higher. At BOOK MOLD, CLEANING you can read about how we deal with books or papers that people want to save after flooding.
Questions & answers or comments about what building mold looks at under the light microscope at magnifications from 10x to 1200x.

Environmental Health & Investigation Bibliography - our technical library on indoor air quality inspection, testing, laboratory procedures, forensic microscopy, etc.
You were asking about salvaging materials that were flooded by Hurricane Irene more than a year ago, back in 2011. At below right we see a close-up of a few Chaetomium spores at 1200x via our Polam microscope.

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