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Candida is a yeast normally found in the body, and it is the common culprit behind vaginal yeast infections and oral thrush. Several people believe that using aloe vera to treat candida is an effective treatment since the plant is widely known for its anti-fungal properties, which may supposedly stop the candida from growing and kill the yeast that is present. Although taking aloe vera for candida is not recommended as a sole treatment, it may be suitable as a complementary treatment.

To use aloe vera for candida, it is recommended to use it both orally as well as topically depending on the nature of the infection. Candida is commonly confused with other types of infection that may require antibiotics and may worsen without the proper treatment. I get candida whenever I'm going through a stressful time or after the use of antibiotics. The most aloe vera can do is help treat the symptoms.

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