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This was a great interview for me, since in the past I have suffered from a candida infection caused by antibiotics and an experiment with a high fruit diet. So when dealing with candida and all the rules that come with it, we have to keep in mind there are different shades of effective treatment that depend on what therapies are being used.
Simply, what he says is that if you’re eating foods that are causing mucus, or have inflammation in the gut that causes mucus to form, your chances of getting rid of candida are decreased. My advice, if you have candida, is to get serious about a treatment and give it your best shot. A die off reaction from candida means the immune system is working hard to eliminate the infection. Ultimately, what he feels is most important for eliminating candida is to control the amount of mucus forming foods you’re eating, take appropriate supplements, sweat, drink plenty of water and be patient. There’s a popular home test that is talked about frequently when the topic of candida comes up. I’m glad I could finally get some more support on my theory that the coating on your tongue in the morning is not, in fact, candida, but just what naturally occurs on your tongue in the morning.
Working in a holistic health clinic & seeing lots of people with candida, I have to say that there are always a few people who have a very slow recovery – even keeping to the body ecology diet!
Probiotics either don't help, or you must continue to mega-dose on them in order to keep Candida in check. However, many people in natural health make exaggerated claims about the prevalence of Candida. They found 45 of the 78 smokers (58%) and 68 of the 230 (29%) nonsmokers were positive for Candida. Candida questionnaires can help although this is just going by symptoms and not objective testing. However, upon eliminating toxic foods and then reintroducing them, they are more likely to provoke a strong and obvious reaction from the body. Certain foods on the Candida diet are inherently unhealthy and are not part of any good diet. However, moderate amounts of some previously offending foods (such as fruits for example) should become tolerable once health is improved.
A need to be on the Candida diet indefinitely shows some lingering health issues that still have not been dealt with. The various cookie cutter Candida protocols you read about online are for the most part put up their by well intending people. We can see a clear difference between holistic health and allopathy in how they approach infections. Even though many Candida protocols use natural agents, philosophically speaking they are still very allopathic. The following sections should show more concretely what individualized factors there are to consider that just simply cannothelp move disease out of the body be put into a cookie cutter Candida protocol. Since Leaky Gut and Candida are both largely consequences of a poor digestion system, they may go hand in hand. Since yeast is very good at binding to metals, the idea is that in case of heavy metal toxicity, the body will allow Candida to grow, in a final effect to bind to metals.

At times being aware of emotional tendencies, and how they effect the individual on a physical level can help.
In office nutritional exam - some simple in office tests can help determine need for nutrients such as mineral or B vitamin.
Applied kinesiology - a system which uses muscles tests to pinpoint weak organs systems and can be used to help determine which supplements would be most helpful. The actual treatment can be recommendations for more extensive specialty tests (usually for the digestive system), specific nutritional supplements, herbals and homeopathics.
The Candida spit test relies upon the claimed changes in the behavior of the saliva in water to detect the presence of overgrowth of Candida fungus in it. Any diagnostic test ought to be able to pinpoint the pathogen present in tested sample with high degree of specificity and accuracy. Moreover, any diagnostic test ought to have the quality of repeatability because a one off test may not give the most accurate result after all. Candida spit test is one of those hit and miss crude diagnostic tests that promises the moon but delivers very little. Candidiasis is among the most common types of infectious diseases to plague humans, and it is particularly prevalent among women across the globe.
Candida albicans is the known causative agent of the yeast infections that can potentially affect almost any part of the body, and this is particularly true in case of people with weakened immunity.
Jeffrey McCombs, we address some of the common myths around candida and determine what is true and what is not based on his clinical experience. McCombs has some serious candida chops and has worked with patients in a clinic for many years.
McCombs spends plenty of time in this second portion talking about the link between candida and mucus. If the `terrain of the individual is not improved, conditions will be ripe for Candida to take hold again no matter how many anti-fungal supplements and medications are taken. At times it is claimed 90% of people have Candida, or that Candida is the cause for conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome or chronic fatigue. Those with Candida where more likely to smoke; have food allergies and vaginal yeast infection.
Typically there should be enough information available through symptoms and other labs tests.
Now people feel the allergic or immune system response that they didn't before and it becomes clear just how damaging these foods are. Furthermore, these various protocols have probably all significantly helped, or cured some people with Candida. Not only does having a weakened immune system open someone up to the possibility of Candida overgrowth, but also repeated use of antibiotics has a profoundly negative effect on healthly gut flora. Since it is the immune system, which responsible for keeping opportunistic invaders such as Candida in check, overgrowth points to an issue with the immune system.
The goal is to understand what health issues are allowing Candida to grow in the first place. The proponents of this test claim that the saliva from a healthy individual is lighter than water and floats at the top when spitted into a glass of water.

However, Candida spit test relies solely upon visual cues to detect the likely presence of overgrowth of the Candida fungus, which might not be the case.
It is always advisable to perform such a detection test multiple numbers of times to be sure of the observation made and the inference drawn.
Therefore, Candida spit test accuracy is a major cause for concern for all those relying upon it solely to detect overgrowth of the yeast in their oral cavity. Protocols to treat Candida itself, and not the person who have it can show limited results.
While this test is somewhat crude it is surprisingly very accurate when compared to other tests and very simple to do. The problem is, due to the numerous individual factors (discussed below), just because a Candida protocol helps one person, that doesn't necessarily mean it is going to help you. They should follow a Candida diet; sugar and dairy will exacerbate both of their conditions.
The problem with this test is that there are no ways available to crosscheck the inference drawn upon the observation of the behavior of the saliva in water. The issues with Candida spit test accuracy stems from this fact that the test may give off different results based on the observation made if performed multiple times in succession.
Therefore, there is nothing much to talk about Candida spit test accuracy, and its best to visit your doctor for a stool or blood test. Candida diets were pretty severe and fruit was not the only thing you could not eat on the diet!
Even though the saliva test isn’t absolutely accurate, I find it helpful- when people improve, less saliva usually sinks & there are no strings!Thank you for a great interview!
Someone trained in herbal medicine however understands how a single plant can affect multiple systems. Thus, there is no way to check the Candida spit test accuracy to ascertain the correctness of the detection of the oral thrush in a person. Therefore, it would never be a prudent decision to base solely upon the inference drawn from this test to determine the presence of an overgrowth of yeast fungus inside the oral cavity. However, many like to opt for a simple and home-based test to help detect the overgrowth of Candida fungus in their saliva to prevent it from causing all those irritating and painful symptoms to appear.
However, all of these are highly presumptive methods, which one cannot trust to yield specific results that can help in the accurate detection of the presence of the Candida fungus in the saliva. In fact, the saliva used for spit test first thing in the morning usually contains a large number of bacteria, as well as, food debris from last night’s meal, all of which can cause the thickening of the saliva and give a false-positive result.
In fact, specificity is among the leading causes of concerns regarding the Candida spit test accuracy. There is a difference between knowing the overall constitution of each herb and selecting the right one(s) for a patient, or simply loading up on a lot of antimicrobial herbs as part of a shotgun approach to killing Candida.

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