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Symptoms of oral thrush begin with a white pasty covering over the tongue and inside of the cheeks. Breast feeding mothers with infants who have developed oral thrush may also experience symptoms such as unusual pain while nursing, painful nipples in between feedings, tight and shiny skin of the areola, red nipples, unusually sensitive nipples, and a feeling of stabbing pain that goes deep into the breast.
Causes of oral thrush vary, although the most common cause is when the natural balance of bacteria and fungi are interrupted in the body.
Risk factors for developing oral thrush may include the use of dentures or partial dental prosthetics, the use of corticosteroids, antibiotics, or birth control pills, smoking cigarettes, being an older adult, or a compromised immune system.
A physician or a dental professional can typically identify oral thrush simply through visual inspection.
Healthy children and adults who have a case of oral thrush tend to experience no complications with the exception of its persistence and difficulty in leaving the body. Often healthy children with thrush need no treatment, and adults who are healthy may be able to return the balance of their bodies back to normal by eating unsweetened yogurt or taking capsules of acidophilus.

As the oral thrush continues to develop, it can cause a mild amount of bleeding if the tongue is scraped or when the patient brushes their teeth.
Illnesses such as HIV or AIDS, cancer, vaginal yeast infections, diabetes, dry mouth, and the childhood disease which affects children under the age of 3, chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis. Mothers and nursing infants need to be treated for thrush, as the chronic contact between breast and mouth is likely to simply pass the infection back and forth. The weakening of the immune system or the use of steroid medications like prednisone can also throw off the natural balance of the body causing oral thrush.
However, the dental professional or the physician may do a throat culture to be sure that the oral thrush has not spread beyond what can be visually detected. Adults or children with weakened immune systems may require antifungal medications, intravenous nutrition, and careful monitoring while thrush is treated. Keeping the mouth clean and eating a very proper diet can help shorten the life span of oral thrush.

If the lesions of oral thrush spread down the esophagus, the patient may develop addition symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, the sensation of food being caught in the throat or the middle of the chest, and a fever should the infection continue to spread past the esophagus.
Oral thrush presents with creamy white paste that covers the tongue, and can spread rapidly to the roof of the mouth, gums, back of the throat, tonsils, and the inside of the cheeks. Babies, toddlers, older adults, and patients whose immune systems have been somehow compromised are most likely to come down with oral thrush. A barium swallow may also be performed to determine how the oral thrush is affecting the digestive tract.

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