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When our ancestors made bread, they used wild sourdough yeast that was found on leaves, grapes and berries. The problem with commercial yeast is that, since it is the isolated version, it only artificially raises bread, expanding the gluten fibre net, without breaking down any of the phytic acid or anti-nutrients to aid with digestion. These are some of the reasons why at Tigellae we only use and bake bread, focaccia and pizza made with 100% natural yeast.
Next time in this section of the Tigellae Blog I’ll talk about some of the different kind of bread common in Italy, their origins and often funny names. Archaeologists found starch residue on rocks used over 30,000 years ago for pounding plants and further studies revealed that fermentation was discovered more than 5,000 years ago by the Egyptians. That’s because most bread (as beer does) contains yeasts, unicellular microorganisms (Saccharomycetes) that can convert carbohydrates to carbon dioxide and alcohols.

He found a way to isolate the yeast in pure culture form, and a way to make bread rise in only 30 minutes!
Natural yeast converts dough into a digestible food source that will not trigger your body’s defences.
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They also knew that gluten grains prepared this way made their digestion more efficient and provided their bodies with high amounts of nutrients.
We eat grain for the high quantity of nutrients, fibres, minerals and enzymes; however the human body doesn’t have the means to separate phytic acid and grain. It predigests sugars for diabetics, breaks down gluten for the intolerant, and turns calcium-leaching phytic acid into a cancer-fighting antioxidant.

Using the wild sourdough yeast, our ancestors had to wait several hours for their bread to rise. And it won’t simply protect you from having all that fibre, nutrients, mineral and enzymes!
With more and more British people now turning to artisan breads, it’s time to make things clear.

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