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It is important that you know what a yeast infection is and what it comes from so you can prevent as well as cure.
Yeast is a fungus that is commonly known as candida it is carried by most normal women and will generally give no complaint at all.
Yeast infections can show up anywhere as in the finger nails, causing them to be thick and yellow with ugly cracks either on the toes or fingernails.
Another way to combat yeast naturally is to eat what eats it or apply it directly to the area in question.

Some notes on Yeast infections: We say to treat until the symptoms are gone, however though this is the popular recommendation, the most optimal result is to do it for a day or two after the symptoms have gone. Any of these treatments can also be used by men and on anywhere in the body that yeast has shown up. So one of the ways you get a yeast infection to die fast is in the air which is the same way you help prevent it from growing in the first place. Those who consume large quantities per week of yogurt have practically no issues with yeast.

Yeast can be an elusive little devil and can come back with a vengeance so do yourself a favor and do the treatments you choose to do for a couple of days after symptoms subside.
Women’s and men’s sexual organs are often the biggest target but between the toes, the armpits, under the breasts or anywhere there are folds in the skin is where yeast can be found.

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