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After blowing 0.37 percent on a breathalyzer test while insisting he had not been drinking, the former home brewer drew the attention of gastroenterologists Dr.
The condition, dubbed gut fermentation syndrome or auto-brewery syndrome, causes starch to ferment sugar and thus produces ethanol. I would like to let your readers who think they might have auto-brewery syndrome know that there are effective treatments out there, especially if the condition is recognized early.
I was initially diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, but in my teens I experienced a severe worsening of symptoms, like bloating and gas after meals—so much so that I could feel the bubbling of fermentation occurring in my lower abdomen.

It's always been the case that I feel more hungover than drunk as a result of auto-brewery syndrome, so, although people may assume this condition is a cheap way to get drunk for recreational purposes, that's unfortunately not the reality. Eaton diagnosed me with auto-brewery syndrome, and this diagnosis has been confirmed by other doctors specializing in unusual and unrecognized chronic illnesses. I wouldn't have been granted them using auto-brewery syndrome as a diagnosis, due to lack of governmental and medical recognition [of the disease]. But by this time I'd also amassed IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and anxiety as diagnoses, so my claim was granted.

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