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This is very common in children, The affected hair is broken off and the scalp is scarred, there is inflammation and sometimes pus. Treatment – Consists of the appropriate anti fungal medication prescribed by a doctor. Athletes foot, the common name for fungal infection of the foot, usually occurs when there is a moist environment in between the toes that favors the growth of fungus.
Common in elderly women, there is a red scaly patchy rash and sometimes warts may also be present. Known by many names, scalp fungus is also known as ringworm, tinea capitis, tinea kerion and tinea tonsurans.

The plain truth is that we all carry various different micro-organisms on our bodies and that includes mold-like and yeast-like fungi. Patient with a scalp fungus which is referred to as a Kerion, which indicates the presence of fluid and pustules. This type of fungal infection tends to affect the skin of the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes; infecting hair shafts and follicles. Although it is called ringworm, it is not caused by a worm, but instead a fungus that causes round rings on your scalp (and other body parts). This means you run the risk of having scalp fungus for a long time before you may realize there is a problem.

It loves the scalp because it is warm and moist and once it is established there, it flourishes.
Unfortunately, ringworm lives for several months on items it has come into contact with, so if you know someone with ringworm or scalp fungus, do not use anything they have touched.And, you might not know this, but there are some fungal infections you can get from pets.
This is an open invitation for a scalp fungal infection to form, if you have been exposed to it.

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