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When I think of fungi, I think filthy, roach crawling, trash everywhere, episode of Hoarders. Basically, we fertilized the bacteria all summer with the steroid and gave it an extra push with the strong dose of antibiotics for what I described as an ear infection, hence growing this ear fungus.
But if your dog, like the majority, has yeast in more than one spot, for example on all four paws or both ears, or especially if his entire body is yeasty, you have no choice but to look at what he's eating.
If you check your dog's ears and they're clean, dry and have no odor, you can skip a day of cleaning. You can disinfect your dog's ears with either a store bought solution or with witch hazel and large cotton balls. Our kids get water in their ears from the ocean, pools, bathtub-whatever, but all are bacteria city, regardless of how clean you keep your bathtub.

After I saw Sayle’s fungus in all its glory, I recalled getting a bit of clumpy substance out of his ear, but I thought it was just ear wax. Healthy dogs don't have a 'doggy odor.' So if your pup has stinky paws or musty-smelling ears, chances are she's dealing with a yeast overgrowth. Just as some people produce lots of earwax and clean their ears daily, while others produce almost no earwax, the same applies to dogs. So if your Lab has soupy ears throughout the summer months, you'll need to clean them every day during that period. Again, the amount of cleaning should correlate with the amount of debris built up in the ear.
Use as many cotton balls as it takes to remove all the debris from the ears at each cleaning.

If that's the case with your pet, you can probably get by just treating that ear for yeast and keeping your fingers crossed his immune system responds to re-balance his natural flora. And this fungus had nothing to do with filth, or roaches, it’s actually common for kids with ear issues, like swimmer’s ear, and especially in this area. Before I met my husband, I attended East Carolina University, where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Communications.
We had it special ordered from the Target pharmacy and was questioned whether we should be putting such drops in Sayle’s ears.

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