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Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis (rare genetic disorder) caused by either the AIRE mutation or a STAT1 mutation, in most cases. May be associated with oesophageal candidiasis, which does not resolve with topical therapy.
May recur, especially in AIDS, denture wearers and chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis patients.
In cases of sistemic candidias, the disease results in bloating, slow digestion, intestinal constipation and diarrhea. Strictly speaking, thrush is only a temporary candida infection in the oral cavity of babies.
Lack of vitamine A is involved in development of some oral mucose lesion as angular cheilitis.

In patients with light oral candidiasis not associated to state of immunodeficiency, is sufficient a treatment with local antifungals. Pseudomembranous candidiasis involves children (trush) and in patients who follows an antibiotic therapy or in patients who have HIV.
This kind of candidiasis is the rarest and we can observe it in heavy smokers in areas of retrocommissural mucous membrane. This includes candidiasi (white mouth, balanitis) and dermatophytosis (tinea, athlete foot,herpes). Candidias infections can take, in fact, the form of a septicemia with extension to endocardium, lungs, meninges and kidney. But we have, for this purpose, expanded the term to include candida infections occurring in the mouth and throat of adults, also known as candidiasis or moniliasis.This pathology is a fungal infection of mucosas, often this is in conjuinction with a health general compromise.

Therefore, in order to avoid the sequelae of systemic candidiasis, oral candidias can be rapidly controlled. A, is used for the treatment of disseminate candidiasis which may occur in case of promyelocitic leukemia refractory to chemotherapy. Oral lesions are associated to skin, ungueal lesions, they appear during the early years of life and they same multiple and adherent plaques situated on the mucous membrane. Nowadays the glossitis romboidea mediana is considered a local form of atrophic candidiasis.

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