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Coconut oil is a white or nearly colorless, semisolid fatty oil extracted from coconut meat.
A yeast infection is an inflammation of the vagina characterized by irritation, intense itchiness, and discharge. Coconut oil is high in three active ingredients (lauric, capric, and caprylic acid) which have antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. Caprylic acid breaks down the cell membrane which controls the yeast population and prevents it from proliferating and replicating itself.
Coconut oil is an antioxidant and effective agent in killing excess yeast and other fungal overgrowth in the body. Coconut oil forms a non-irritating protective layer and helps heal yeast infection quickly by acting as a barrier against chafing irritated, sensitive skin. Adding a moderate amount of coconut oil to your diet is considered safe as it contains unrefined fats easily converted into energy instead of storing as fat. Substitute coconut oil for other cooking oils as coconut oil does not break down into unhealthy trans fats when cooked in high temperatures. Coconut oil may also provide additional benefits during use such as shinier hair, healthier skin, lower cholesterol levels, and healthier immune system. By using coconut oil, you can easily and naturally cure yeast infection and the accompanying itching and irritating symptoms.
It won’t kill the yeast in your gut because yeast is suppose to be in your body , when the immune system acts up , it cause an unwanted overgrowth of the fungus.
I am like many women in American and I experience yeast infections along with the terrible symptoms several times in one year. I have been struggling with a yeast infection for a little while but I am finally getting on top of it.
In addition, I use Stevia as a sugar substitute, eat raw garlic 3 times a day, drink Yakkult (low sugar option), eat coconut oil 3 times a day, and drink two tablespoons of apple cidar before bed….
I used the unbleached tampon in coconut oil with a few drops of lavendar and tea tree oil left it in during the night. Candida is a type of fungus or yeast that normally lives on the skin and in the mouth, throat and genitals. Although all types of vinegar can be used for treating yeast infections, apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar are commonly used for treatment. Coconut oil contains three powerful antifungal substances, namely lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid.
For treating yeast infection, you will need one to two tablespoons of coconut oil used for cooking, preferably virgin coconut oil. For treating yeast infection, prepare a solution by diluting boric acid powder with equal amount of water.
Effects of virgin coconut oil in an animal study and discovered your brush will only situation choose virgin coconut oil to reap its nutritional. Coconut oil not only helps to prevent yeast infection but also reduces cancer, improves digestion, gives a smooth glossy coat, and balances metabolism.

The acidic ingredients in cranberry, by creating an acidic environment in the infected area, prevent the Candida yeasts from growing and multiplying. 3% hydrogen peroxide, readily available in any pharmacy store, can effectively kill Candida yeasts.
These components of coconut oil target harmful bacteria but leave friendly bacteria alone, which helps balances the flora in the digestive system. Try the following popular methods, which have minimal to no side effects, for treating yeast infection. You are directed to take 2-4 tablets a day when you have an infection and just take one a day when asymptomatic.
However, in certain circumstances, the Candida yeasts start multiplying abnormally, leading to yeast infection. Moreover, applying vinegar to the affected areas creates a mild acidic environment, which is not conducive for yeast growth. Moreover, Candida yeasts cannot develop resistance against the antifungal compounds present in coconut oil. The effectiveness of boric acid suppositories in killing Candida yeasts is supported by several clinical trials.
In a healthy person, the bacteria present in the vagina produces hydrogen peroxide that helps in preventing Candida infection naturally. Business (coconut, sunflower and mineral), coconut oil was located to be the individuals I've met have. Yeast infections can occur anywhere in the body starting from the mouth to the throat, skin and bloodstream.
Extra virgin organic coconut oil is one of the most effective natural treatments for yeast infections. Although anti-fungal medication can treat yeast infections, the problem is that it causes harmful side effects that trigger other health issues. A number of laboratory tests along with research studies have shown that coconut oil can destroy the structure of yeast cells, controlling the itchy irritation and reducing the inflammation in the infected area. Coconut oil is also an antioxidant that eliminates extra yeast and fungal growth in our body, helping in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Since excess consumption of sugar and refined foods increase the risk of yeast infections, it is better to cut down on those from your diet. Use Cold pressed and cold processed, Extra virgin organic coconut oil by Jeeva, available at Harrods or you can also buy it online on Amazon. Coconut oil is a natural sweetener and acts as sugar substitute that controls the primary food source of growing fungal yeast. Make sure not to use hydrogenated coconut oil as this destroys the beneficial attributes and makes it high in dangerous trans-fatty acids. I’ve had this infection for a little while now and it’s driving me crazy, but I really want to use something natural and I always hear good things about Coconut Oil, so I really want it to work for this!! As yeast infection is frequently attributed to destruction of the body’s microbial balance, by introducing the good Lactobacillus bacteria in the areas of the body affected by yeast infection, yogurt helps in treating yeast infection naturally.

When used for treating thrush or yeast infection of the mouth, mix a teaspoon of yogurt with a glass of water and rinse the mouth with the yogurt drink. For treating vaginal infection, soak a tampon in coconut oil and wear it for several hours. For treating oral yeast infection, in addition to diluted hydrogen peroxide, you need baking soda.
Coconut oil contains lauric acid and caprylic acid, which help break down the nucleus of yeast cells. You can also include coconut oil in your diet by using it as salad dressing or for cooking. For treating vaginal yeast infection, soak a tampon with diluted boric acid and wear it for a few hours. When using coconut oil to treat your yeast infection you need to make sure that you are using extra virgin coconut oil, not the hydrogenated coconut oils. Generally, our immune system manages to keep it in control but for those with weak immune systems or on antibiotic medication, there are chances of developing an infection.
In women, vaginal yeast infections are common and can be very uncomfortable resulting in itchy and painful symptoms. Coconut oil treats Candida safely without affecting the healthy micro-organism environment in the body. When it is applied over the affected area, it forms a protective layer, healing the yeast quickly. Instead, include coconut oil in your diet to not only enjoy the goodness of a natural sweetener, but also control yeast growth and strengthen your immune system.
Symptoms of yeast infection subside when this home remedy is used daily, at least twice a day. Candida can cause severe chronic health problems such as coughs, digestive issues, recurring infections and tiredness and affect eye health and memory. They have the unique ability to attack harmful micro-organisms and this plays a significant role in balancing the flora in our system while preventing the infection from spreading. Regular intake of one to two tablespoons of coconut oil helps in strengthening the natural defense mechanism of the body against yeast infections. The acidic components in cranberry, when excreted through urine, create an acidic environment in the vagina that helps in killing the Candida yeasts present in the vagina. When using coconut oil it will help to control the irritation that a yeast infection causes along with helping to bring down the inflammation of the site that is infected.
You can either swallow the coconut oil like medicine or use it to cook with instead of your regular cooking oil.

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