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Based on a research, 75% of women will experience vaginal infection once in their lives, and many also experience recurrent infection. Based on a research, 75% of women willexperience vaginal infection once during theirlives, and many are also suffer from recurrentyeast infection. Because of this fact, it is very important to knowthe symptoms of this infection before doing aself-treatment. Yeast infections are very common in womenwith HIV and women who have recurrent yeastinfections should be tested if they have HIV. Some possible causes of yeast infection includeconsuming too many sugars, and the use of oralcontraceptives.

You should also be careful during sexualintercourse to prevent the recurring of yeastinfection due to the contamination from thebowel or rectum. This lookswhiter and like a cottage cheese and will beobvious in women who has vaginal yeastinfection. Otherfactors that trigger yeast infection arepregnancy, diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis,and PMS. Therefore,after you have a bowel movement, be sure thatyou wipe from top to back to prevent thetransfer of yeast to the vaginal area. Thiswill aid to the prevention of yeast infection.However, yogurt does not have the ability tocure vaginal yeast infections.

In addition,douching is not a good practice since it washesthe natural mucous that protects the vagina andleaves women at risk to yeast infections.

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