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Since this is National Women’s Health Week, I tried to think of common ailments that I see women for more than men. Although a yeast infection is not an STD, you can pass it back and forth with your sexual partner in about twenty percent of cases.
I currently have an appointment for a dental implant and will require dosage of antibiotics.

It loves moisture, so it grows best in our mouths and intestines, in sweaty skin folds, in the vagina, and—men, listen up—under the foreskin. You take an antibiotic and, even if you gobble down cartons of yogurt, you know the itching’s coming. This is a very common sexually transmitted parasitic infection that can stay unnoticed for years and then show up as extreme itching and a bad-smelling discharge. Infected, uncircumcised men can have this same discharge under the foreskin, or the foreskin can just be red, raw, and swollen.

Many doctors recommend this for infections that don’t respond well to the usual medications.

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