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Whether caused by infections or not, once cancerous conditions are well underway the weakening of the immune system and the battle that ensues between the good guys and the bad is cheered on by hordes of infectious agents that increase in density, power and form as a patient’s cancers get worse. 50% of all patients who develop pulmonary aspergillosis are unlikely to survive for more than five years, a similar outlook to many cancers. For more advanced and detailed presentation we offer Treatment Essentials, which has all the information for you to practice Natural Allopathic Medicine, including the important chapter on dosages. Please note that the ozone generator listed on that site is for 220 V., and is not suitable for USA or Canada application. For dosages or specific recommendations in treating lung cancer you will need a consultation with Dr. So, for example, cells that are early precursors of cervical cancer are likely to revert.

Led by Professor Geoffrey Gadd in the College of Life Sciences, the research explores the unique taste that fungi seems to have for rock and heavy metal.[7] This environmental science has demonstrated the incredible power of fungi, to eat through concrete and to absorb heavy metals such as mercury and uranium in the environment. Constantini, MD, former head of the WHO Collaborating Center for Mycotoxins in Food has spent 20 years studying and collecting data on the role fungi and mycotoxins play in devastating diseases. A platoon of white cells are sent to rescue hostages (organs overrun by cancer), but en route get pinned down by heavy fire from ground forces (parasites, viruses, fungi and bacteria tying up the immune system).
Joel Wallach point out that one type of white blood cell kills cancer cells by injecting them with oxygen, creating hydrogen peroxide in the cells. Scientific studies have concluded that the amalgam is the source for more than two thirds of the mercury in our human population. She believes antifungal drugs and natural immune system therapy has been responsible for saving her daughter’s life.

After hearing her story, a friend of hers with bone cancer asked her doctor for a prescriptive antifungal drug. Her physician contended that a few antifungal pills surely should have cured her yeast infection. It is my contention, however, that the reason this medication worked was because she did have a yeast infection not a vaginal infection for which this medication was prescribed; a fungal infection of the bone that may have been mimicking bone cancer.

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