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In addition to cutting certain foods from your diet, you’ll also want to add foods that kill candida. If you have many of the aforementioned symptoms, along with toenail fungus, you may want to try the candida diet by cutting out all refined carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol, vinegar, peanuts, cheese, dried fruit, and bread.
If you are looking for natural toenail fungus remedies, we also recommend the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer. Tim Holcomb of Victoria, Texas says that there is a problem affecting 80% of Americans, though they may be unaware of it.

Patients should avoid almost all sugar and sweets, with the exception of chocolate and a couple pieces of fruit each day. Diabetes, cancer, and obesity have stolen the public health spotlight, but there is an even bigger epidemic identified in his practice. Note that candida does not always show up in the urine or stool sample tests, so the blood test is considered most accurate. The Daily Mail also recommends applying tea tree oil to fungus nails as a home remedy for foot fungus.

It could take three to six months to right the ship, so some doctors recommend taking Diflucan or Nyastatin for at least a month.

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