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Contracting an STD as a result of unsafe sexual practices may cause a woman to also develop a fungal vaginal infection. Clotrimazole and miconazole are two different drugs entirely, although their functions and makeups are similar. Both medications are used to treat fungal infections in the intestines, vagina, skin, or mouth.
A certain amount of yeast on and in the body is normal and acts to help prevent pathogenic bacteria from overgrowing. Since there are so many ailments that may cause symptoms similar to those related to a fungal infection, it is important for patients to receive a proper diagnosis before using either of these medications.

Bacterial infections, especially those occurring in the vaginal area, often cause the same symptoms as a yeast infection.
Clotrimazole is often used in topical creams for use on the external skin, as it is most powerful when used in this manner. Drug interactions may also take place in some cases, so patients should speak with a medical professional before using clotrimazole- and miconazole-based medications. Anti-fungal creams will not work when used for bacterial infections, and they may even make the problem worse.
Miconazole is commonly used as a cream in the treatment of vaginal yeast infections and sometimes external skin infections.

Neither drug is usually recommended for internal use, although miconazole is still used as an oral treatment in some countries.

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