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As it turns out, I think I do indeed have a Candida Infection on my tongue, almost certainly my intestines, and also I think this could be the culprit behind the hives!! Actually, a dermatologist I once consulted concerning my cholinergic urticaria suspected that my symptoms could be related to a fungal infection. My own personal experience was that I had some whiteness on my tongue, and I suspected my upset stomach could be related to Candida. It can cause all sorts of symptoms (a yeast infection for women, a tongue infection, intestinal infection, it can get in your blood, affect the skin, and all sorts of nasty things). Okay, so I have noticed this white stuff on my tongue for years, but didn’t really think it was a big deal. If you Google images of Thrush or Candida on the tongue, you will see this resembles it almost exactly! I wanted to share it with everyone, to see what you think, so you can examine your tongue very closely, and to see if it has potential to be connected with the hives.

But actually, the funny thing is that you can’t even notice this when I stick my tongue out in person.
In fact, the front part of my tongue looks normal, however, the back has this white stuff on it. It helped remove most of the white on my tongue, but it didn’t really help my digestion.
And considering how I am 99.9% sure my digestive problems, skin problems, and tongue are all related to Candida, it makes logical sense it could also potentially be causing hives.
At my next dentist visit, I asked my dentist about it, and she said my tongue looked perfectly normal and that I certainly didn’t have a fungal infection.
I do know that as you said, some people have a little white on their tongue, and it isn’t necessarily something that needs to be treated. As it turns out, one of the symptoms of a Candida infection is that you crave sugar all the time.

So don’t get too upset until you actually know for sure, as many times diseases have many symptoms that mirror other diseases.
It’s correct that actual fungal infections can sometimes be seen on the tongue, but in those cases the white stuff is much more widespread and looks much more dramatic than in your case. Ive been shaking and pretty upset even as i write this, becuase it seemed like it confirmed one more symptom I have of HIV.

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