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El peso al nacimiento es el mayor predictorde la respuesta clinica y microbiologicaLa candidiasis prolongada o muerte secomprobo en 31% <750g, frente al 14% enRN 750-1000g. Objective: We conducted a case-control study of very low birth weight infants in the neonatal ward of the Obstetric Hospital of Santa Clara during the years 2007-2011, in order to characterize the occurrence of systemic candidiasis. La muestra fue 23 neonatos que presentaron candidiasis sistémica e igual cantidad de controles consecutivos al nacimiento del grupo estudio, que no la padecieron.

23 infants, who developed systemic candidiasis and the same number of infants chosen consecutively after the study group, who didn’t, totalized the sample. Antifungal Prophylaxis to Prevent Neonatal Candidiasis: A Survey of Perinatal Physician Practices.

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