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More people are using kefir to treat Candida yeast, which is a yeast infection that affects men, women and children.
Although using kefir to treat Candida yeast is a solution many people subscribe to, you should be aware that it is not a cure all.
Kefir grains are filled with micro-organisms that help balance the body's internal systems. Along with drinking kefir, your diet should consist of high fiber vegetables, complex carbohydrates and protein. Candida is a fungus or yeast that can grow inside the gut flora of the intestines due to overuse of antibiotics and other environmental factors.
Since candida is categorized as a yeast or bacterial infection that largely inhabits the gut flora within the intestines, many natural therapies focus on replenishing the gut flora with probiotics.
When you think your kefir is done, give the jar a quick stir and then pour its contents through the strainer.
If you want to add kefir to your diet, you need to understand what kefir is, how best to add it to your diet and what results you can expect. Much like yogurt is used to re-balance your system after a stomach infection, kefir milk is therapeutic. This is important, particularly if you are only planning on using kefir to treat the Candida and not maintain it as a regular portion of your diet.
You should take note of what kind of milk kefir is made with, particularly if you have food allergies. In some natural and alternative healing circles, kefir for candida treatment is quite popular to promote healthy gut flora and to diminish any yeast overgrowth. Probiotics are generally referred to as the good bacteria within the intestines, that help strengthen the immune system and fight off foreign invaders. This may go to show that the use of kefir for candida can be helpful by providing this certain type of good bacteria. Just follow a few simple steps, and every 24-48 hours you can have a fresh batch of kefir ready to go.

The Body Ecology kit contains 6 packets which can each be used for around 7 batches of kefir.
The kefir grains are quite acidic, meaning that kitchen implements made from aluminum, iron, brass or copper are likely to release toxic metals into your kefir or on to the grains. This is particularly important for Candida dieters, because this extra time significantly reduces the lactose content in the kefir. The fermentation process can take anywhere from 12 hours to 48 hours, depending on how you like your kefir.
In fact, you can even make it using just water, although your kefir is likely to end up a little runny and thin.
Kefir milk was prepared by hanging a skin bag near a doorway so that people passing through would knock it regularly and keep the milk and grains mixed together.
It should be noted, however, that kefir is not 100 percent effective and some people may not respond to kefir. It is thought that the probiotics in kefir help stabilize the healthy bacteria in the body and kill any harmful bacteria that might be triggering the infection.
Kefir, a fermented beverage that is much like a drinkable yogurt, contains plenty of natural probiotics that can promote these functions within the body.
Kefir for candida is popular for this very reason, since most kefir beverages contain a good source of necessary probiotics. More research is still needed to find if the amount of this bacteria strain within major kefir beverages is significant enough to fight off a yeast overgrowth.
So as well as being hugely beneficial to your gut flora, kefir is also a very economical health food. As a rule, less time in the jar will produce a sweeter, thinner kefir, whereas a longer fermentation will result in a thicker, more sour kefir. Skimmed milk will also make good kefir, but it won’t have that same, satisfying taste as it gets from regular milk.
Kefir, like yogurt, can be mixed with fruits, grains and nuts to add flavor and make it more appealing.

You should consult a physician if you suffer from chronic Candida yeast infections or if you have any questions or health concerns related to the infection or using kefir. Some studies have shown that a particular type of probiotic bacteria is helpful at diminishing yeast overgrowth; however, specific studies on the effects of kefir for candida are minimal and do not suggest the reliance on a sole treatment for the disorder.
It is clear, however, that the use of kefir for treating candida should not be used as a sole treatment, as other proven conventional therapies may be even more helpful. Unsweetened kefir is thought to be the best source of this probiotic if using for candida, because sugar can feed yeast and exacerbate the problem. If you want to beat your Candida overgrowth for good, kefir is a great way to keep your gut flora in balance for years to come.
In fact the more kefir you make, the more grains you will be left with each time, so you’ll have plenty spare to give to friends and family! Additionally, ripening the kefir increases the amount of B vitamins contained in the kefir.
After some time you may also see the kefir separating into two layers – a thick, white curd at the top, with a thin, yellowy whey underneath. In fact, storing your kefir at room temperature for a day or two will help it ripen, increasing the nutritional content and allowing most of the lactose to be fermented away (this is even better for Candida dieters).
After a week, you can increase the amount of kefir you drink every other day in 2 ounce increments. When you’ve finished your first batch of kefir, you can place the grains in a little milk and leave them covered in the fridge.
The kefir is OK to consume at this stage but will be quite sour, so as soon as you see any signs of separation it’s probably best to move on to step three. If you are not going to make another batch of kefir straight away, place the grains in a bowl with a small amount of milk and store them in the fridge.

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