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AbstractOroantral fistula (OAF) and oral candidiasis are common to come across as separate individual lesions. Non-allergic fungal sinusitis: In some instances, mucin and fungus may be identified in patients with sinusitis in the absence of any allergy to fungus. Acute Invasive Fungal Sinusitis: This is the most dangerous and life-threatening form of fungal sinusitis. Chronic invasive fungal sinus: Unlike acute invasive fungal sinusitis whose typical course is less than 4 weeks (and can actually progress over hours and days), chronic invasive fungal sinusitis is a slower destructive process. Granulomatous invasive fungal sinusitis: This form of fungal sinusitis is rare in the United States. A complete evaluation by your rhinologist will help to determine if you have a form of fungal sinusitis and how it needs to be treated, as some forms of fungal sinusitis have distinctly different medical and surgical treatments.

A female with chronic long standing OAF, not responding to conventional treatment approach is reported. Many times this aspect is overlooked and simply the diagnosis of non-specific maxillary sinusitis is given, which leads to improper treatment.
On pulp vitality test maxillary left lateral incisor and canine was found to be non-vital.The clinical diagnosis of OAF secondary to chronic periapical abscess in relation to maxillary left canine was established. Patient also complained of dull gnawing pain in the maxillary sinus area and more heaviness in the same region.Looking at non-healing chronic nature of OAF, the incisional biopsy from the margin of OAF was planned to seek histological changes in the region of OAF. The patient was followed-up regularly to assess for healing at OAF and check for the status of chronic maxillary sinusitis. Patient reported with non-healing of OAF and even chronic maxillary sinusitis did not respond to treatment.

Based on the cytological features, the diagnosis of OAF with superadded candidiasis was given.
This was resulted to non-specific diagnosis of maxillary sinusitis.Mere presence of this fungus in oral cavity is not sufficient to produce the disease.
The other predisposing factors for candidiasis can be prolonged intake of antibiotics, corticosteroids; anemia, etc. So inadvertent use of antibiotics could also be responsible for occurrence of superadded infection of candidiasis with OAF.

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