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Candida albicans is the known causative agent of the yeast infections that can potentially affect almost any part of the body, and this is particularly true in case of people with weakened immunity. A number of natural treatment options exist that can help in tackling the symptoms associated with yeast infection, and be effective in completely curing it as well. Both of these practices help in boosting the immune capabilities of a person naturally and help in combating the Candida fungus, which is essentially an opportunistic pathogen and can cause an infection only in the absence of adequate immunity. A balanced diet is also important in helping keep the immunity in shape, while lack of inordinate amounts of sugar is crucial (no sugar diet) because of the role it plays in helping the Candida yeast thrive. The treatment options availed for combating a Candida yeast infection depends upon the area of the body affected.
Candidiasis is among the most common types of infectious diseases to plague humans, and it is particularly prevalent among women across the globe. As you may have read in a previous post all about the candida albican fungus, some of the main contributors to it’s overgrowth are antibiotics, NSAIDs and steroid medications and there really are no medications you can take that will help it get any better. Supplements yes, you definitely need those to help kill off the candida and help restore healthy balance in the gut bacteria. We used the simple candida spit test to indicate she had full blown systemic candida and have now been working on a dietary and supplement strategy that is working to solve the collective complaints.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the food list and when it comes to candida you have to follow the diet VERY strictly for at least 6 weeks, maybe more depending on the┬áseverity of symptoms. You starve the candida through a strict diet, you kill them off rapidly with the right antifungals and supplements, and then you have to restore the good guys back into the gut so that the balance is brought back to normal.
Since candida generally does cause leaky gut, once you get a hold on things you’ve got to work on repairing the gut lining so that toxins stop re-entering the bloodstream and making you sick.
Therefore, it becomes essential that people become aware of the various treatment options that are available to treat this pesky infection effectively, and cease suffering from the various symptoms they cause. A dose of antifungal agent such as fluconazole is often the medication of choice for the treatment of cases of vaginal yeast infection. When we started digging into things we discovered she had candida and another course of antibiotics would not be helping solve the issue! However, in case of the recurrent variant of this infection, administering the drug every other day for at least a week is often the chosen treatment option.
Candida is a very opportunistic bacteria, if you don’t fully starve it out you will not fully get rid of it out of your system and it can very easily re-establish itself. Finally, treatment of invasive Candida infection requires application of both oral and Intra-venous drugs.

Many such treatment options are also available for taking care of yeast infections affecting the genital area in men, as well as, other body parts in people. Moreover, probiotic agents such as yogurt taken orally or administered locally to fight the Candida fungus have also gained favor among a number of women suffering from this condition, especially the recurrent variety.
However, this is a recipe for disaster because a small amount of Candida yeast will remain in case of incomplete course of medication, and will return to cause recurrent infections.
However, apart from the chemotherapeutic drugs, many also prefer to opt for the natural remedies that do not contain any harmful side effects such as nausea and fatigue.
Other natural treatment options include: coconut oil, grapeseed extract, raw apple cider vinegar and olive leaf extract.

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