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The first step in treating a candida yeast infection is to test for the Candida Yeast in the body. Candida infections are notoriously difficult to diagnose and especially neglected in wider medical community. Below we identify three methods of self testing for Candida if a professional medical diagnosis is not available. Please click the headings below for more information and reviews of the different Candida and parasite tests available. The spit or saliva test was originally devised by a company called ThreeLac as a way to sell their probiotic supplements, the spit test is a crude measurement of how thick your saliva is, and should not be used as a reliable indicator of Candida, and would be completely impossible to diagnose systemic Candida infections (where Candida has entered bloodstream and spread all over the body) as claimed on some websites. The more strings and cloudiness, and the faster they develop, the greater the candida overgrowth. This test requires just a small drop of blood to provide an accurate diagnosis within five minutes.
The CanDia5 home Candida test kit provides accurate results due to the usage of the most reliable testing source: your blood. UK based Candidatest Service offers easy to use, micro-biological testing for candida, intestinal parasites, leaky gut and much more.
We have been diagnosing and treating our patients with Candida for almost 5 years and have developed a strong understanding of this debilitating yeast. And once we started working with 1-on-1 clients, I knew proper stool testing would be one of the most important steps toward helping our clients get healthy.
That’s right, we have our clients get two stool tests done together for the most accurate picture of their gut health. This test uses advanced staining and antigen techniques to recover pathogens from 3 stool samples, taken each day for three days.
I have tested positive to dientramoba fragalis which I will treat soon but need post antibiotic follow up testing. Try histopath they are in sydney but will send testing kits to you directly, just need a GP to sign a request form. I can’t tell you whether the Histopath is as good as bio health test as I have never heard of the bio health test before today.
However to get medicare coverage for the histopath test you need your Doctor to fill out a Histopath Test Referral and then you can either ring up and they send the test out or you can pick up the kit from the lab. I would also get my sex hormones tested 7 days after ovulation by blood (if you’re still cycling) If not still cycling, anytime is fine. I have had the 401H test done and have abundant Escherichia coli and some Entamoeba Coli cysts were detected. Imagine the peace of mind you would have if you had access to a home test that not only detected H.
Well, that test has arrived and it will save you time, money and a significant amount of energy in your quest for health rejuvenation!

It involves a single stool sample, which is ultra-convenient for you and means you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. In other words, no embarrassing trips to the doctor and the freedom to get a test done quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, you do not need authority, permission or prescription from your doctor to run this test. This is great because a positive test explains why you might not be feeling well, and a negative test helps you rule out H.
Your doctor may test for genetic strains if he or she is aware of the importance, but this level of testing is generally only ever considered in people who have had three or more H. A massive advantage of this stool test is that the lab offers an incredibly fast turnaround time. In Europe and North America, you can expect to complete the test and receive your results in approximately 7-10 working days [this will vary slightly, depending on your specific location]. It is our privilege to be able to offer you access to this testing and I truly hope we are able to assist you in your quest for answers as to why you do not feel well. Once your order has been placed, a stool testing kit is dispatched to you immediately, or on the next working day.
If you are located in North America, you send the completed test kit directly to the laboratory. The test will save you time and money in your quest for an accurate diagnosis, and may save months or even years in failed treatments and unpleasant side effects by informing you of your individual antibiotic resistance. There is no publicly available test like this one anywhere on the planet and it is waiting here for you to take advantage, right now.
In seven years of clinical practice and more than 2,000 stool test interpretations, we have observed that more than 65% of our clients either have one of these other bad bugs, or have H.
Your stool sample is analysed for a marker called Elastase I, which tells you whether your digestive enzyme levels are high enough to enable you to properly digest your food. Another critically important test marker is called anti-gliadin IgA, which can give excellent insight into whether or not your digestive system can tolerate gluten found in wheat, rye, barley and other grains.
Lactoferrin is a chemical assessed in your stool sample that tells you whether your inflammation might be a little more serious.
The presence of blood in your stool can mean a few things, some being more serious than others.
Fourth, spending money now on a high quality stool test not only saves you time, but also money in the long run.
If you suspect a Candida Fungal overgrowth in your body and can identify some or all of the symptoms which are commonly associated with a Candida yeast infection (Candidiasis), then before proceeding with a CCWS™ Candida Cell Wall Suppressor treatment we recommend testing yourself for Candida. Candida albicans is a yeast or fungus that is present in the intestinal and genital tracts of every healthy individual.
All tests are performed from simple stool samples, a very modern and strictly scientific way of testing .

I like the fact that this test uses samples taken over multiple days… and not only that, but it uses state of the art technology to look for pathogens that could be missed. The Metametrix #2105 is actually no longer available and many other reasons have led us to change our recommendation for the second test to the Doctor’s Data Parasitology x3 stool test. I’ve clipped out 6 case studies from previous 1-on-1 private clients so you can see how powerful it is when these two tests are used together and what you are able to detect using them in conjunction.
I highly recommend you get these two tests done together, the #401H from BioHealth and the Parasitology x3 from Doctor’s Data. As stated above, since the time of this post, we’ve updated our recommendations for stool testing. I had gotten the Metametrix GI Stool Effects test done earlier this year and it came back completely negative for parasites. UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa), you send the completed test kit to your closest distributor. Comprehensive stool analysis gets to the underlying cause of your symptoms, so you can follow a tailored programme, laser-focused on your specific issues. Incorrect diagnosis commonly leads to the overuse of anti-fungal agents and antibiotics which subsequently lead to worsening of the level of infection as well as the increased effectiveness of the Candida Albicans yeast and decreased effectiveness of medicines.
But if the Candida proliferates and its populations become disproportionate to the other 400 or so ‘friendly’ bacteria strains in the intestine, it becomes Candidiasis – or a Candida Yeast Infection. It could be the one (or two) test result standing between you and finally taking control of your digestive health. Now I’m thinking I should definitely get the #401H test done to see if there is something that may have been missed! I limped through feeling awful for four years before I bit the bullet and took a stool test. Our hope is the general idea of using two quality stool tests at the same time will still be the biggest takeaway. I’ve had GI problems, mostly IBS-C, for about 10 years and have done a ton of different diets and detoxs over the years prior to a doctor suggesting this test. After reading this blog post when it first came out, I decided to go ahead and get the BioHealth 401 test done (I’d already had a negative breath test done for H.
The doctor suggested I do a candida diet and herbal antifungals for 2 months even though he said that it may have been carried in on something that I ate. I really liked that the test collects samples over 4 days instead of just 1 like Metametrix does.

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