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Let me show you how it is possible to not only overcome a chronic yeast infection, and also how and more importantly why a candida yeast infection can literally ruin your chances of having a happy life, or the life of your partner or child and why you need to do something about it TODAY!
If you find yourself reading this page, then you may well be trying to self-diagnose if you have a yeast infection, or are suffering with a candida overgrowth right now, suffering from a condition that can be fully resolved. This is one of the main reasons why I wrote my book Candida Crusher, to give people the right information to enable them to cure their own chronic yeast infection in the comfort of their own home.
I can tell you with 100% absolute certainty that candida does occur in people who do not have AIDS or cancer, or those with normal well functioning immune systems.
Some people who talk about suppressing and eradicating a Candida yeast infection like to use the word “kill” when it comes to candida treatment, but killing is not necessary. Some therapies that successfully treat candida by causing the rapid death of large numbers of yeasts can cause a “die-off” reaction (known as the Herxheimer reaction) during which great amounts of toxins are released from the dead candida microorganisms. These toxins can cause allergies and rather severe reactions in many people.
Digestive enzymes: These are essential to break down the foods you eat into usable nutrients, especially where there is a candida overgrowth which depletes hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes in your stomach. My book candida Crusher contains an extensive amount of information on food allergies and food intolerances as well as food-reintroduction methods. Your lifestyle should be your main concern as far as yeast infection recovery is concerned, and that is why I have left some of what I consider to be some of the best information until last in my book Candida Crusher.
Candida Crusher took me three years to write and is based on my 25 years of clinical experience and treating over 15000 candida patients, it is FINALLY AVAILABLE. Take my quick & free online candida yeast infection quiz to discover how severe is your candida yeast infection. Candida Questions & Answers youtube channel where you can find answer to various candida questions.
Candida Albicans is the opportunistic fungus that causes Candidiasis or Candida overgrowth. When antibiotics are taken they kill not only the bad bacteria, but they also kill good bacteria in our digestive system that help to keep the Candida in check.Therefore, the use of antibiotics can disrupt the balance in our body an allow Candida to overgrow. In addition to antibiotics, diets high in sugar feed the Candida in a way that allows it to grow out of control. Our course of treatment for Candida Overgrowth centers around our CCWS™ Candida Cell Wall Suppressor Treatment. In Clinical Trials of Candida Cell Wall Suppressor Patients lost an average of 5 kilos in weight with no change in diet* and no change to their exercise regime on the 45 day treatment plan. CCWS™ Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is a revolutionary new treatment that works by preventing the Candida fungus from producing its hard protective cellular shell. If you suspect you have a Candida Fungal Overgrowth and can identify the typical candida symptoms we would recommended testing for Candida Overgrowth in your body and there are a number of available candida tests.
You can order CCWS™ Candida Cell Wall Suppressor in our online shop where you can order securely and discretely, we will dispatch the order to you the same day and it will arrive with you by registered post or EMS in the US with 7 working days. CCWS™ Candida Cell Wall Suppressor, has shown the most remarkable progress in individuals, who followed a healthy diet, worked to achieve a stronger immune system and adopted a good cleansing routine before taking a course of treatment. We have cured literally thousands of people who have been suffering from candida and that have tried every option before us and failed. We have been diagnosing and treating our patients with Candida for almost 5 years and have developed a strong understanding of this debilitating yeast. Doctors are pumping us full of antibiotics that kill ALL bacteria including the good flora that control candida growth. Subscribe now if you would like to receive the latest news, offers, coupon codes, competitions and new product information from CCWS™ and Candida Labs. This is really quite simple to answer, since the effective treatment of candida requires a strong element of dietary intervention and immune system buildup, prestigious mainstream medical journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet have not much interest in this condition as a disease entity. The pharmaceutical drug companies have invaded the academic institutions, you aren’t really likely to see articles published in medical journals on candida yeast infections, and the medical practitioner who relies on medical journals therefore will most likely miss the candida connection with patients.
One reason I feel so many medical practitioners virtually ignore yeast infections in their patients is that they themselves prescribe antibiotics, the very drugs which are often implicated in the causation of candida in the first place. Another reason why candida is overlooked is that patients need to be diagnosed by the doctor before treatment can be started – and if you can’t accurately diagnose the disease, then you can’t treat it according to the evidence based (medical) practitioner.
You will either end up with a prescription for a pharmaceutical drug (like an antibiotic), further impeding digestion, or be referred to a gastroenterologist (digestive specialist) who will in turn poke you and prod you with the various tests on offer and once again conclude that “all is well” and send you back to your doctor.
I always find that the major foundation for actually determining the presence and for monitoring the actual treatment of a candida yeast infection is the patient’s subjective feedback. The first step in treating a candida yeast infection is to test for the Candida Yeast in the body.

Candida infections are notoriously difficult to diagnose and especially neglected in wider medical community. Below we identify three methods of self testing for Candida if a professional medical diagnosis is not available. Please click the headings below for more information and reviews of the different Candida and parasite tests available.
The spit or saliva test was originally devised by a company called ThreeLac as a way to sell their probiotic supplements, the spit test is a crude measurement of how thick your saliva is, and should not be used as a reliable indicator of Candida, and would be completely impossible to diagnose systemic Candida infections (where Candida has entered bloodstream and spread all over the body) as claimed on some websites.
The more strings and cloudiness, and the faster they develop, the greater the candida overgrowth. The CanDia5 home Candida test kit provides accurate results due to the usage of the most reliable testing source: your blood.
UK based Candidatest Service offers easy to use, micro-biological testing for candida, intestinal parasites, leaky gut and much more. There are some easy and highly effective ways for you to get well completely and recover entirely from a Candida yeast infection, and chances are that you have come to this page to find that solution.
For women who want to know if they have vaginal thrush, they may want to read the page Thrush – Vaginal Candidiasis Diagnosis. Candida overgrowth, like many chronic complaints which remain unresolved with conventional methods, is best treated with several stages in mind. Some patients (prematurely) abandon their candida treatment under the mistaken belief that this “die-off” reaction and its associated allergic reactions are an indication that their candida over-proliferation is worsening rather than diminishing. A most effective candida probiotic should contain Saccharomyces and Lactobacillus rhamnosus species. Another good yeast eradicator is oregano, it is the best leafy herb to counter candida, so be sure to eat fresh oregano; use it in salads, egg dishes, etc.
These are important since candida taxes the body’s own reserves of vitamins and minerals. In Candida Crusher I explain in great detail all about how you can best re-introduce different foods into your diet after you have cleared that yeast infection. I explain in great detail all about the immune system and candida, as well as how stress affects your immune system and ultimately increases your susceptibility by lowering your resistance.
We are so confident in CCWS™ Candida Cell Wall Suppressors effectiveness in treating Candida overgrowth that we are happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. This advanced treatment is showing to be one of the most effective treatments for Candida as it works very well for chronic and difficult to treat cases.
Many candida patients we see as natural health care professionals have been seen by their doctor, who has dismissed the patient’s concerns because “no clear cause” can be found. Whilst it is correct that the discharge certainly requires local treatment, it should always be treated as part of a holistic approach to get the true results the patient is longing for – a complete cure of all signs and symptoms of a candida yeast infection. If you suspect a Candida Fungal overgrowth in your body and can identify some or all of the symptoms which are commonly associated with a Candida yeast infection (Candidiasis), then before proceeding with a CCWS™ Candida Cell Wall Suppressor treatment we recommend testing yourself for Candida. Candida albicans is a yeast or fungus that is present in the intestinal and genital tracts of every healthy individual. For optimal results with candida crusher program I recommend you incorporate good candida supplements, I have a done a video on youtube on how to choose the right candida supplement for optimal results. Candida yeast infections are NOT like simple bacterial infections, it is not just a matter of taking a few pills like an antibiotic for a couple of days to knock-out this infection! If you are not sure whether you have a Candida problem or not, you may like to read the page the Signs and Symptoms of Candida Yest Infection.
What doctors are looking for here is known as systemic candidiasis and this is a most serious condition that occurs in persons with suppressed immune systems (for example those who have undergone chemotherapy or AIDS patients who have experienced a total collapse of their immune system). This form of candidiasis can affect the lungs, liver, kidneys and brain.
I will elaborate on these methods in this article but will for the sake of brevity will focus on the treatment, including some aspects of the candida diet. Some of the BEST topical products are outlined in great detail in chapter 5 of Candida Crusher, get your copy today. Crook to write his landmark book about candida used Nystatin extensively in the 1970’s to discourage yeast growth in his patients, and was one of the first medical doctors to notice the connection between an antibiotic and candida infections. Get help, if these things do not make a significant difference then seek out a good naturopath or nutritionally orientated doctor who is genuinely knowledgeable about the treatment of candida. Here is a small section out of a study completed by the School of Medicine, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, “Preliminary studies on your colloidal silver preparation (1500 ppm) show it to be effective in inhibiting and killing strains of Candida albicans.
Take a look at what mercury does to your gut; every time you swallow you ingest a tiny amount of methylated mercury in your bowel on which candida can potentially thrive.

Candidiasis occurs when this balance in your intestines is disturbed and the Candida fungus starts to overwhelm the rest of these microbes. This is not the fault of your doctor by any means, conventional medical practitioners focus on treating the symptoms and the disease and not on health and wellness, so you may not get much joy here complaining of burping, bloating, food allergies and a whole host of other signs and symptoms associated with poor digestion, so common in candida. Incorrect diagnosis commonly leads to the overuse of anti-fungal agents and antibiotics which subsequently lead to worsening of the level of infection as well as the increased effectiveness of the Candida Albicans yeast and decreased effectiveness of medicines. But if the Candida proliferates and its populations become disproportionate to the other 400 or so ‘friendly’ bacteria strains in the intestine, it becomes Candidiasis – or a Candida Yeast Infection.
The candida I am referring to in this series is a much more common phenomenon, and is a functional overgrowth which involves the excessive proliferation of candida yeast species in the gastrointestinal system. Fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt are both foods which are rich in lactic acid, and you only need a small amount daily to make the difference if you have chronic candida. I think I’d rather stick with the candida infection thanks…Besides, some species of candida are resistant to “azoles”, and azole resistance is increasing, especially in immuno-suppressed patients who are prescribed long courses of drugs.
Naturopath William Vayda advised readers to discard their usual aversion to pharmaceutical drugs in the case of Nystatin, in view of its superiority over natural treatments for the systemic elimination Candida albicans. Just like the beer bellied couch potato sports enthusiast, or the sugar plum fairy who likes her late afternoon wine and nibbles, candida prefers refined snack type foods, alcohol like beer and wine as well as chocolate, ice cream, donuts, take-out and candy. While you can self-prescribe, I think it is best if you work in with a Candida experienced health-care professional rather than follow the advice from some magazine or a friend. The book Candida Crusher contains plenty of information about antibiotics, and outlines the medical treatment of candida. The ability to change its form gives Candida a natural advantage over other microbes, allowing it to exist in different temperatures and pH levels.
I’ve written extensively on fermented and cultured foods as well as probiotics in my book Candida Crusher. Candida treatment has its ups and downs, and a program tailored to suit your specific needs will be much more effective than just adopting a yeast free diet and taking a bunch of supplements and hoping for the best. The Candida cells also release waste products, that can cause symptoms across the rest of your body.
I’ve got guys covered in my book Candida Crusher, and have some great hints and tips including a three-stage program how they can eradicate their yeast infection. The Tea Tree oil products are superior and no chance of side-effects or candida suppression.
I’ve devoted a significant section (70 pages) of my book Candida Crusher to explaining in great detail the best dietary supplements and special foods which will help you eradicate a yeast infection. I’ll show you how to not only recover fully from a yeast infection in Candida Crusher, and how you can avoid this condition for life. Reducing the workload on your immune system enables it to have sufficient energy and powers it up to allow your body to finally eradicate that candida yeast infection. My book Candida Crusher devotes an entire chapter to cleansing and detoxification, and you will be able to learn the best approach to a short cleanse, a more in-depth detoxification protocol as well as heavy-metal cleansing. You’ll find over a hundred pages in Candida Crusher that relate to lifestyle changes. My recommendations are for you to think carefully before you take an antibiotic, especially if you already have a candida yeast infection.
After you have read these pages, don’t forget to hit that back button to come back to this page, the Candida Crusher Program page. You may not prefer to use Nystatin and these days there are many more natural ways to clear candida, so let’s explore natural ways to treat this annoying complaint. I have never been convinced that patients need to strictly avoid all fruits with candida issues, but do request that those with major problems be quite strict for the first three weeks and then ease up a little. Eating foods that have a high allergy potential or typical yeast promoting foods like conventionally baked and risen breads and alcohol tires out your immune system since it is forced to shadow box any antibodies it has built up that mimic candida. Then you will need to get the book Candida Crusher, because it contains more than 200 pages of what to eat and how to eat it, more information than any book currently available on this topic.

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