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Candida is group of bad yet beneficial yeast and fungi that naturally lives in our gut and mouth, as well as on our skin and in the vagina.
There are many factors that can cause Candida to overgrow, however the main causes are, antibiotics, poor nutrition, high refined sugar intake, stress, impaired immune system and synthetic medication.
Since Candida is a natural entity, there is no cure for it, instead, the objective is to keep it under control so that it doesn’t wreak havoc. Ditch synthetic antibiotics: Synthetic antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria which leaves the body vulnerable to Candida overgrowth and acidity. Coconut oil: Regularly consuming coconut oil is one of the easiest ways to naturally control Candida. Stress less: Stressing excessively can cause Candida to overgrow, manage your stress by eliminating your stressors and by meditating, and deep breathing.

The natural remedies above can benefit everyone, not just those suffering Candida overgrowth.
In a healthy body, candida lives fairly dormant, only showing its presence when pathogenic bacteria threatens the body. Candida has also been linked to disorders such as fibromyalgia, endocrine dysfunctions, migraine, diabetes, anxiety, arthritis.
Controlling Candida isn’t an easy feat, in fact, it is an ongoing practice of mindful consuming, eliminating and finding balance.
Tea tree oil, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oils are all wonderful at controlling Candida growth.
However, if you are experiencing overgrowth symptoms, be patient with your natural attempts to control it as it can take up to six months before noticing any positive changes.

If candida turns completely bad, it can overgrow and cause a host of physical and emotional issues. The overgrowth of Candida can influence the release of toxins into the bloodstream, these toxins can cause the cells and organs to weaken and perform inefficiently.

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