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Once called Torulopsis glabrata, Candida glabrata is fundamentally different from other Candida species in its nondimorphic blastoconidial morphology and haploid genome.
One woman, who suffered from recurrent yeast infections for a prolonged period of time, suffered from tendrils of yeast in her vagina.
The individuals most likely to suffer from this species of Candida are those with a weakened immune system. If you are looking to rid the body of Candida glabrata, you might find some natural remedies useful--even if you are using conventional prescription drugs as well. If you are a person with a compromised immune system, and you have developed an infection of Candida glabrata in the blood, make sure you seek professional medical treatment right away. If you are talking with a doctor and want some natural remedies to assist your battle with Candidemia, then you can always peruse other sections of this website for a good deal of information.
Although most vaginal yeast infections are the result of Candida albicans, a substantial minority of these infections are caused by Candida glabrata.

It is not uncommon for some forms of Candida glabrata to be able to withstand azole antifungal drugs.
One woman, Sarah Summer, suffered from recurrent yeast infections that doctors seemed unable to stop. Having severe, chronic yeast infections that do not respond to treatment is not that uncommon.
This type of condition may be something you are experiencing; repeat doctors visits or use of over-the-counter treatments, but still no end to vaginal yeast infections. One study also studied how herbal treatments worked against a strain of Candida albicans that was resistant to multiple drugs. Since Candida albicans is much more ubiquitous than glabrata, it is likely you have an infection caused by albicans.
Given this helpful study, it is pragmatic to draw the conclusion that natural treatments can work where conventional drugs cannot.

It is important to know that many yeast infections are caused by yeast living in the digestive system. After you have your digestive system sorted out, you can also start fighting Candida glabrata in the vagina.
Cleanse the Vagina -- One study done on rats was able to see improvement in vaginal candidiasis by washing of the vagina.

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