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Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is Chinese pesticide-grade Lufenuron, shipped from Thailand by accomplices of the notorious scammer Kacper Postawski.
A recent rat study showed nearly a double lifespan for rats given Buckminsterfullerene C60 in olive oil. It makes the product much more expensive for the customer, because the affiliate wants a hefty commission, and of course the supporting advertising infrastructure costs a lot of money as well. When you claim that all cancer is caused by Candida and that Lufenuron cures Candida and thus cancer, you’ve made yourself guilty of just about the most severe crime in the eyes of the FDA, and they will shut you down and you will go to jail, as Kevin Trudeau can attest to. And don’t forget that these criminals use pesticide-grade Lufenuron from China, full of pollutants! The reason he got angry is that we blacklisted him because he ordered for a large amount of merchandise but due to an exchange rate server error, we charged him less than a dollar for his purchase. Postawski’s other products have been recalled by the FDA because they made people extremely sick and even are suspected to be responsible for at least one case of cancer.

The only way to make this pay off is to have a two dollar product and sell it for a hundred dollars.
We are brand-independent and sell those rollers we found to offer the best value for money.
But the real problem with Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is not that it tries to scare people into buying this expensive product. This person claims that infant Leukemia in Iraq is caused by Candida, not Depleted Uranium. Let’s see what the FDA says about where we can verify approval status for clinical trials. This person claims that chain smoker’s lung cancer is caused by Candida, not by cigarettes. I do not exclude the possibility that a vanishingly small percentage of cancer is caused by Candida, but I have seen no evidence or logic reasoning of any cancer ever been caused by Candida.

This person suggests you are at great risk of getting cancer if you have Candida and you do not buy his Candida Cell Wall Suppressor for $117,-.
We know this because we have been selling this product for nearly a decade and we’ve spent thousands of dollars testing the output of all manufacturers we could find. It is very common for Eastern Europeans never to fully master the use of articles, not even when they’re otherwise very proficient.

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