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If you have chocolate molds, keep them at the ready.  Alternately, stretch a piece of plastic wrap across a dinner plate (to create a smooth, taut surface on the plastic) and set aside (this is what I did). I’m definitely a little on the not-so-sure-side with faux chocolate, but everything you come up with is wonderfully delicious so it’s worth a try!
I am pleased for you Ricki and I know if I couldn’t eat chocolate, then I would be in love with you at this moment.

While I agree it LOOKS authentic, I have to admit it is NOT chocolate–but still very, very tasty! Chocolate is my Edward.  Sadly, chocolate is also my albatross, my Picture of Dorian Gray, my Great White Whale*, and a major reason why I found myself in this candida dilemma in the first place. It also melted quickly at room temperature.  I found that the addition of tofu rendered this smooth and creamy, much more like real chocolate (though slightly less dense than the real thing).

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