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Candida albicans is a specific strain of yeast that lives in the intestinal tract, which can become problematic when it gets out of balance and overgrows.
Candida is opportunistic, meaning that it will grow out of balance if your health or constitution has been weakened, typically by using antibiotics. If you are interested in learning more or diving into our life-transforming cleanse, head on over HERE It's a 6-week comprehensive tried-and-tested online candida cleanse and GI repair plan that you can do anytime (and have lifetime access to)!
Hi Suzanne, you don’t want to take any of the candida cleanse supplements while you are nursing, but you can follow the food recommendations of the candida cleanse which will still be beneficial and a very balancing diet. I purchased your candida cleanse program and was curious about your opinion of nightshade vegetables and low glycemic grains with hashimotos.
I purchased your Candida Cleanse home course and I have a question about the bentonite clay. Diatomaceous earth is positively charged, and bad bacteria and fungi like candida are negatively charged.

If you are someone who has had candida then maybe this seems like a drop in a bucket to you. It has been nearly two years since I started experimenting with how to get rid of my candida problem.
When I asked the doctor if I might have a candida infection, she asked me if I had a vaginal discharge.
It is safe to do a candida cleanse as long as you concurrently and gently chelate metals out of the blood (that may have potentially leaked from the fillings). At the time that I began working on killing the candida I also started focusing on a better fertility diet. I don’t want to turn anyone away discouraged, overwhelmed, or still suffering from candida.
She is a medical researcher, nutritionist, health consultant and former candida sufferer.

I'm trying the saliva test tomorrow morning-I know I have a candida overgrowth problem and am interested to see if it shows up in my saliva!
If you have a healthy body, other yeasts and good bacteria will keep Candida from over populating. So, as the DE works its way through your digestive system it attracts the candida and  bad bacteria to it. Although I don’t know for sure how long candida had been plaguing me, I would guess at least 9 years, and I had had enough. This could be a factor because candida destroys the guts ability to absorb nutrients properly, or at all.

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