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And over the years, as I have been slowly learning about - and transitioning into - a healthier lifestyle, the length of my menstruation has reduced from some eight days to three. Some time later I did the four-month-long Lifeforce Plan (candida cleanse), which is a program with special supplementation sold by by Dr. But during the cleansing of the Lifeforce Plan I experienced an episode of worst menstrual pain ever. I, again don't know what to make of this experience exactly, but what seems to make the most sense was that this was some kind of a cleansing reaction, where this episode was the turning point and something got healed during the extreme cramps. And I quickly found that the cleaner food I ate - the less processed and more focused on raw fruits and vegetables - the shorter my periods (menses) would get, and the less bloatedness, tiredness, pain, and other untoward symptoms I would experience. Controlling Candida Growth Can Help In Controlling A Wide Range Of Health Problems РAmong The Most Common Are Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, Constipation, Bloating, Excessive Gas, Diarrhea, Restless Leg Syndrome, Mild Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, and Menstrual Irregularity.

I am still not 100% healed and feel fatigued and bloated, as well as slight pain during the first day of menstruation, but I am a lot better than I was and no need for painkillers! Jeffrey McCombs lists 'endocrine (hormonal) system problems' among symptoms of candida overgrowth. I ruled out the possibility of toxicity of the supplements, for more explanation you can read the full report of the candida cleanse linked to above.
And although supposedly all pathogens and impurities are thoroughly cleaned from the water, estrogen specifically is very difficult to remove. Llaila Afrika, in his book 'African Holistic Health' claims that truly healthy women's menstruation is just a drop of blood. Alternatively, it may have something to do with the high mineral and vitamin intake of the juice fast, and the cleaner diet in general.

To conclude, the methods I believe can overcome menstrual cramps permanently, and naturally, are: juice feasting (temporarily), raw food diet, eliminating caffeine, candida cleanse and increasing the natural antioxidant intake.
But, for a fact, not having a menstruation altogether, when still young, can be a sign of dangerous health issues, such as being malnourished.

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