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The classic discharge associated with the common Candida "yeast infection" is thicker, white, and curd-like in appearance and is usually associated with vaginal itchiness. A vaginal trichomonas infection can be easily mistaken for bacterial vaginosis because both of these vaginal conditions are associated with discharges with a pungent fishy odor and furthermore because upon diagnostic testing in a doctor's office, both conditions are characterized by elevated vaginal pH readings. To make a diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis, a doctor must keep in her or his office a functioning microscope and a set of diagnostic cards or strips designed to measure the acidity of the vaginal secretions or discharge.

Few of the 17 study participants reported resolution of their vaginal odor or discharge complaints at the end of week 4 of the study. One clinical study has concluded that women with definite documented Candidal vaginal infections tend as a whole to be college-aged or younger, to employ condoms rather than other contraceptive methods during vaginal intercourse, or to have completed treatment with an oral antibiotic within the previous 15 to 30 days20.

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